64 thoughts on “Uno, Dos, Tres. Quatro, Cinco, Cinco, Seis…..All Good Things Come in Fives: Cinque Terre Italy!

    1. Yes! I agree! Will post some more pics. The narrow European corridors and colorful buildings are so beautiful, throw in the sea, and well, its Cinque Terre! Cheers to you my friend!

  1. We were there about twenty years ago, it’s an absolutely enchanting tour not to be missed in the region of Liguria.
    We have very fond memories of those holidays. Italy is a very special place in all aspect. Should it be the language, colorful facades and characters… I think we could go there every year if we could and never tire of it.

    1. Each time you come here, you find new things to fall in love with. I am in Rome now in an old Villa apartment with a private rooftop balcony in the suburbs. No tourists at all. Heaven! Just had a plate of pasta………Cheers to you!

      1. Well, I took a photo of myself in a mirror in Buenos Aires and posted it. If I see a mirror, I’ll take another. I like the photographer’s reflection sort-of photos. Cheers to you cuz~

    1. Ahhh, so glad you like it!! I haven’t been to Burano, but Italians know, appreciate and use their colors with the artful eyes they have had for basically forever!! Thanks again and cheers to you!

    1. Thank you my friend & so WONDERFUL to talk to you again! I am sitting on our rooftop patio in the suburbs of Rome right now. Bells Italia and ciao my friend!

    1. You know what? I agree with you. These vistas were all over the five towns of Cinque Terre. I have missed you and our chats. So GREAT to hear from you my friend!!

    1. Thank you Kongo. I tired to convince one of the Gibraltar apes to hop in my suitcase so I could give it to your human, but this is frowned on I guess………..

    1. Yes we visited Vernazza and the weather was perfect, although very big waves caused the ferries to cancel and the train to fill. Cheers to you and so glad you have seen Cinque Terre.

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