Final Shots: Cinque Terre!


Cinque Terre Italy consists of five towns on the Ligurian coast that are connected by rugged hiking trails. Cinque Terra has been inhabited by humans since the Paleolithic era. Neolithic, Bronze Age and Roman remains have been found in the area.
The black and white portions of this old church are made of marble.


Cheers to you from Rome!

56 thoughts on “Final Shots: Cinque Terre!

  1. Hi Cindy. So very, very, very prefect that you posted these today. I am currently listening to Italian music as I pack to head for the Amalfi Coast, then Rome, for a month. Neat! Neat! Neat!

    1. Oh how lovely. I am so happy for you. My brother goes to Cinque Terre in a few days…..what a small world! Have a joyous time and I will make a toast for you tonight in Rome!

  2. Hi Cindy , everything you have photographed has given one the feel of being there with you. They have told a very exciting story of your adventures and the colours are superb, photographed as usual with your professional and skilful approach.
    I’ll speak soon Cindy, regards James πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t think so. This was built as a Christian church. The marble was quarried nearby and is quite striking I agree. There are Roman statues that are made of the black and white marble and they are incredibly stiking as well. I agree. The interior and exterior of this church (the exterior is also in black and white striped marble) are breathtaking>

    1. Yes Indeed……this should become an Italian tourist mantra, “photography heaven,” but I think too many tourists are already coming to Italia! LOL!

  3. I have such fond memories of strolling around this incredibly serene Italian destination. As you know, the light (sun) is such a powerful part of the culture, which is evident in your photographs.

    1. This is very true. The light here makes the colors glow. I have photos of this in churches which are just amazing. So glad you spent time in this magical place…….

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