The Other Rome: Where the Romans Live!


The views from our hotel room window.
If you have never been to Rome, you will want to stay somewhere close to the city centre and incredible Roman sites that brought you here. If however, you have been to Rome before and are after a different experience without the hordes of tourists, where Romans live, dine and shop, you might want to consider staying north of the city center, outside the city walls, near the neighborhoods around the Villa Borghese. This is what we did on this trip and had quite a different, quieter, more peaceful experience of Rome. It also has an additional benefit of offering nicer accommodations that are less expensive than city center options. Check out some photos and see what you think.
A peaceful home’s side entrance. There are no car horns here, no taxis racing around, the only sounds are bird songs and the occasional dark barking. Pure relaxation.
Rome side street
Oh, did I mention the Italians like good food……
Someone’s porte-cochere (Car port) ceiling…..
Some Roman homes…..

Oh, and the only nearby tourist attraction, The Villa Borghese…….
The headquarters of the Carbineri (Italian Military Police) are nearby. So you are, uhhhh, quite safe here……
Ciao from peaceful Rome……we’re heading north tomorrow.

76 thoughts on “The Other Rome: Where the Romans Live!

    1. Yeah, that the thing with old stuff it, it doesn’t change!! How nice……Yup the cops drive suped up alfa romeos…..must be fun catching speeders on the autostrada

  1. Thanks for sharing. You showed me another side of Rome that i didn’t glimpse when I visited. Your post just makes me want to go back all the more. Lovely pictures Cindy.

  2. Ah, bella Roma…
    Ringraziarla per il giro, il cugino caro. Le immagini sono belle. Piacere domani. Aspettare un giorno dal diario di viaggio di giorno. Ciao!
    (or if you prefer)…..
    Ah, beautiful Rome…
    Thank you for the tour, dear cousin. Pictures are beautiful. Enjoy tomorrow. Expecting a day by day travelogue. Ciao !

  3. the architecture is fabulous, looks like somewhere I would enjoy visiting/staying…I so enjoy your photos from your travels Cindy…fantastic eats!!!

  4. Several years ago I did get to Rome, but only for a short time. We stayed near where my husband had to work. In a tourist town Mt. Fuggi – something like that. There were tourists from all over Europe to visit the ‘springs’ – sulfer springs. You had to pay to get into these parks and people would come with several containers to fill. I never saw a park with so many rest rooms! Because if you drank of the springs…well you needed to be close to a rest room.

    At a street festival I was able to get a heridic sheid of one of my families Italian names. I’ve only just found it again and with the help of Google translator was able to find out that that branch originated in Pisa.

    We also got to visit Pompeii. That was interesing too.

    Save travels – thank you for all of your visits.

    1. I was in Pisa last year. Your have a very proud heritage and your trip sounds incredible. Pompeii and Herculeneum (sp?) are just amazing. We visited with my kids about ten years ago. Cheers to you!

  5. Wonderful pictures! When I stayed in Rome a few years ago, we stayed in a bed and breakfast in the northern area of the city. They were SO nice, there. They gave us cell phones to carry all day so that we could call them if we needed any help or translations. Wonderful memories, there!

        1. Oh yes!!! I’ve been eyeing them!! We stayed at Hotel Sacher in Salzburg and had the tortes, but I hear the Vienna ones are better! I remember you describing Vienna to me before. Cheers to you!

  6. You certainly need to get away from the tourists area to experience the true spirit of any country. You have captured the feeling of each area you visit and oh that yummy food…

  7. Lovely, now I know where to stay while visiting Rome. My last visit was in the frantic, city center. I haven’t been to Italy for too long. My favorite hilltop town was Orvieto, spent days lounging around!

  8. Beautiful pies and delicious-looking houses. I can tell from the images you capture that you don’t just look at your surroundings – you notice things! I checked out the last picture as you suggested. What strikes me even more than the fancy car is that poor chap standing behind it. Looks like he might have been caught red-faced rather than red-handed!

  9. Cindy -I now this is an old post, but I have thought of it often. My husband and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary in Italy. Would you share your Rome accommodations? I have been there before but he has not and isn’t a big tourist-crowd guy, so… Thanks sarah

    1. Oh I am happy you are going! Yes indeed let me do some checking, we have been many times so I can give you a choice between center city or suburb. Let me research the names and I will get back to you!

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