Our More Intelligent Cousins From Gibraltar!

Maritime satellite is a disaster! I will be able to communicate in six more days. I am in internet withdrawal………
Jane Goodall is right. Apes are magnificent and so incredibly human. Look at their eyes……..

Gibraltar is gorgeous. You must visit and meet the real king of the mountain! They love to monkey around (even though they are Barbary Apes!) They don’t seem too impressed by us…who can blame them, some humans actually feed them M&M’s for heavens sakes! They aren’t the least bit afraid of us either, although some humans shrieked in their presence which frightened me. Just goes to show they are wise old apes…..



37 thoughts on “Our More Intelligent Cousins From Gibraltar!

  1. Wonderful photos, Cindy. They are exceedingly cheeky, and we were warned by our guide not to walk around with foo on display. I saw one snatch a guy’s packet of chips from his hand. One of the Barbarys even followed us onto the coach, and had to be chased off. 😀

  2. Wait a minute, Cindy…, I think I know one of these guys. He lives just down the block !!! As always, great pics, Cuz. Tell me you’re having a great time !

    1. I could have touched them, but I am not super stupid. They were not aggressive, but they are wild animals and certainly could be if threatened in some way.

    1. It is a pretty unusual place isn’t it, with Morrocco almost close enough to touch and The Pilars of Hercules. I’ve been twice and would still like to return. I am glad you have been there. It makes a lasting impression~

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