Our More Intelligent Cousins From Gibraltar…..Part II!

It was hard to peel my camera away from these remarkable creatures…..DSC04160 (1)
Even though the seagulls were photogenic too……

The camera kept returning to the apes as if they were the magnetic north……..


Jim was reduced to reading maps….
Whilst (I always wanted to say this) my camera pursued its latest obsession….
I have a personal credo, to never give advice (unless it’s unasked for) so, if someone suggests you take to the sea, I recommend you pull a Nike, and just do it.
Cheers to you from the Med, and just yesterday, from the Wide Sargasso Sea. Now hanging out again, with the land dwelling apes, and their cousins.

37 thoughts on “Our More Intelligent Cousins From Gibraltar…..Part II!

  1. Greetings o’well traveled soul! Those little fellows look like they really want to share their thoughts with you, their eyes are so soulful and human. I think you’ve really captured their thoughtfulness Cindy. Thanks for sharing, they are beautiful.

      1. well…we had hot weather last week 76F, but yesterday we had snow again and it is cold today 28F? the weather can’t seem to make up its mind what it wants to do???

      2. That sounds very frustrating. I hope it stabilizes soon! I brought too many clothes on this trip due to what I thought would be warm and cold weather. So far all warm, Rome is sunny and warm today!

  2. Who could fault you for finding the apes so irresistible? It was like they were posing! They have such character and are just so charming! So glad you’re having a great time, and your photos just get better and better!

  3. Wonderful memories conjured up by your photos Cindy. My dad used to work in Gibraltar for a time, he was a construction expert who worked on the desalination plant on the rock. He took my 2 girls on holiday with me and my mum to stay for a while and showed us the monkeys. We went down into the cave then took a flight over to Tangiers. Altogether amazing. It was about 24 years ago but your photos made it seem like yesterday. Thank you x

    1. How wonderful! What a marvelous experience that must have been. Yes, I was itching to pop over to Africa. It was only eight miles across the Pilars of Hercules. Your father must have had many wonderful stories. It couldn’t be easy to build on the rock!

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