Kissing Cousins~

Beautiful Maui,

has beautiful critters. (Red Crested Cardinal)

Did you know? (Spotted Dove)

Birds are close relatives, (Myna Bird)

to turtles?

I certainly didn’t know, and neither does this baby myna!

Turtles seem to know everything, (Green Sea Turtle)

so this friendly guy,

who swam right up to me, probably wouldn’t be surprised.

We even have a colony of green sea turtles living in San Diego Bay. Check them out, they’re beautiful.

Swimming hole coastal Maui. (Click/tap to enlarge).

We are flying off soon to Canada, but it is still:

Cheers to you from Maui~

For more info on turtles and birds:

142 thoughts on “Kissing Cousins~

  1. The dino must be the common link.

    The coastal swimming hole, Maui … they are better known as blowholes over there. Get too close, or into them, that’s make sure your life insurance is paid up.


  2. Maui looks awesome!👌 That was news – Myna birds 🐦 related to turtles 🐢 😀 Isn’t nature an emigna?!! The turtle looks so lovely in the water, relaxing and content😀 Have a great trip to Canada! 🇨🇦


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