Wild Iris & Lily~

We all need images of peaceful natural beauty these violent and cruel days.

Native California White Iris grow along The Rhododendron Trail in Redwood National Park in Northern California.

Douglas Iris bloom in profusion here as well.

The trail is named for the wild rhododendron that are everywhere.

Asiatic Lilies thrive in abundance.

Since these are wild flowers growing in the forest, there are lots of bugs. These are the eggs of spittlebugs, which seem quite accurately named!

Icelandic poppies are not native,

but were planted by our Innkeeper, north of Klamath California.

Do you see the face on the ancient redwood tree, of the old man in the forest, telling us peace is the only way?

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” John Lennon

Cheers to you from the wise and peaceful forest~

For info on the Rhododendron Trail See: http://www.redwoodhikes.com/PrairieCreek/Foothill.html

208 thoughts on “Wild Iris & Lily~

  1. Wondrous, Cindy!
    I’m not sure I’ve seen the white iris before – I remember the color blue in my Texas yard. I thought they were my favorite flower, and now that I’ve seen your gorgeous white ones, I am convinced.
    Thank you for the peace of the impressive redwood forest. You’re right – we need to be close to nature in these perilous times.
    You always teach me something I didn’t know, bring us beauty for the ages.
    Thank you, my friend.

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  2. I see the face! When we had 75 acres of land there were all kinds of wildflowers in the woods, by the water and even out on the prairie. It was always exciting to go for a walk and see what was blooming. Especially loved the orchids… and the wild black raspberries we would munch on (if the deer didn’t eat them first).

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  4. These are beautiful, Cindy, and I thank you for sharing them. Yes, I agree: we all do need to feast our minds and senses on the beauty around us, rather than allowing ourselves to soak up the anger and negativity. Not that we should turn our backs on those who need us; rather, that we do what we can to help bring about peace for all.

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