Squiggly Ice~

on Convict Lake,

in the Sierra Nevada Mountains,

in California. (Tap to enlarge).

These fascinating patterns of both straight lines/angles,

and wiggly-squiggles, are created by ice layers melting, moving, cracking and refreezing, over and over again.

They remind me of the patterns on Scribbly Gum trees in Australia.

Tap to enlarge and see if you can spot the distant skaters.

These learners were closer.

Cheers to you from the Sierras in winter~

171 thoughts on “Squiggly Ice~

  1. That ice affect does indeed look like our squiggly gum Cindy, but I was sure those affects on the ice look like they were from beavers on their jet ski’s πŸ˜‚ 🀣
    Great photo’s dear lady, and I’m still amazed at the snow on those mountains, almost a fairy land. Mmm, maybe it was the fairies on their jet ski’s πŸ˜‚ 🀣 ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

  2. Gorgeous images, so vivid I can almost smell the piney aroma and feel the chill on my cheeks. Just looking at these makes me imagine a roaring fire and hot beverage awaiting at the end of the day. Could you actually hear the frozen ice moving around?

            1. There would be so much for you to do…… Rest, recreate…. and field all the calls from me, day and night, asking for crisis help on how to deal with your patient patients! πŸ˜‰ დ

  3. Sierrasly spectacular! Wonderful to see you’re enjoying the spICE of life. Κšβ™‘βƒ›Ιž(ΰ₯‚β€’α΄—β€’ΰ₯‚❁)❀️❀️❀️

  4. The squiggles on the ice and the gum trees are beautiful. Nature has some real treasures. All we have to do is discover them as you have done here. I share your fascination with these patterns. I once took pictures of the ice patterns in a little creek and felt that same amazement, but these photos of yours are wonderful.

  5. Ice creates beautiful artwork! When I saw the squiggles before the tree bark, I thought of them looking like an amazing Etch-A-Sketch creation. I was just playing with mine recently, while putting it away after the grandboys had left. πŸ˜‰

  6. More of nature’s spectacular patterns! I correctly guessed how the patterns had been formed before I read your explanation. How thick was the ice? It doesn’t look safe to me.

    1. It was very thick. There is a photo where a boulder crashed into the lake and you can see the depth of the ice and the layers. With our weird drought, the weather was warm enough to melt some of the top layers of the ice during the day, but they froze over every night, creating these moving patterns. No way I would venture out on it though დ

  7. These photos fed my soul tonight. Thank you. The boat in the first photo – was that mold or did someone paint it to match the 3/4 blue of the sky and mountain, 1/4 tan of the rock? And the ice patterns! Now we know what the angels do in the middle of the night when no one’s watching. They must have the coolest iceskates. β™₯.

    1. Ahhh……so happy your soul enjoyed Niki! We both now definitely know what angels do at night!!! With their tiny angel feet and skates. This image fed my soul Niki, so we’re even my friend დდ

  8. The name doesn’t jive with the majestic and pristine beauty of the lake that you’ve captured. And to me, the “squiggly ice” looks like an intricate and magnificent work of art. No wonder someone placed a swing in view of this marvel. Thank you for bringing it to those of us who have not been there!

  9. Nature is so good at patterns isn’t She! I was marvelling yesterday at the beautiful filigree patterns made by ice on car windows. Stunning. β„οΈπŸ˜

  10. Die Natur ist in der Lage, manch schΓΆnes Bilder zu malen . Ob in Holz oder wie jetzt in diesem Monet bei dir ins Eis. Mutternatur ist eine wunderbare KΓΌnstlerin, deine Fotos beweisen es eindrucksvoll .

    1. Ihre schΓΆnen Gedanken werden sehr geschΓ€tzt, mein Freund. Die Natur ist die erstaunlichste KΓΌnstlerin aller Zeiten. Danke, dass du das weißt und bleib sicher und gesund, mein Freund დ

  11. I love your squiggly ice photos Cindy! i find the patterns fascinating too and photographed our lake last year when it froze and had similar patterns. BTW, what camera and lens do you use to get such great details?

    1. This is Convict Lake in Mono County. I wasn’t about to venture onto the lake. I wasn’t sure of the uniformity of the freeze. They probably know the lake better than I do დ

    1. They certainly do, honestly these squiggles are art forms without any cropping. I read your post today Oscar and was very moved. I am so sorry you are going through this. Love to you დ

      1. Funny – I took an “inkblot” test over 50 years ago when my parents thought I was getting a little out of hand. Only went once and I haven’t thought about it until just now. I do have fun with puzzles like that:)

    1. This one stumped me. I kept thinking is she correcting my singular gum v gums??? It didn’t dawn on me till just now. Of course it’s scribbly. Thank you Alison. Heading off to correct. I’ll make the gums scribbly, but the ice squiggly!!! Smiling back at you დ

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