These strange formations called tufas (click to enlarge),

are in Mono Lake at the eastern edge,

of The Sierrra Nevada Mountain Range in California.

They are made of calcium carbonate and formed by the interaction of fresh water with the saline/alkaline lake.

Mono Lake is 2-3 times more salty than the ocean.

It is one of the oldest lakes in North America.

Trillions of brine shrimp live in the lake,

supporting 1-2 million migratory birds annually.

On this winter day, the lake was mirror still and silent.

Cheers to you from Mono Lake ~

For more on Tufas see: https://www.monolake.org/learn/aboutmonolake/naturalhistory/tufa/

224 thoughts on “Tufas~

  1. What a gorgeous spot! So still and reflective. Isn’t it wonderful how nature provides what each species needs? Who’d have thought shrimp would live in California?!?


  2. I have never seen Tufas, very interesting to see. The snow cap mountains in the background sure caught my attention. Together they make an interesting and beautiful image.


    • It is a really strange lake. No fish can live in the high alkaline and saline environment, but creatures like brine shrimp and alkali flies thrive in this environment. Alkali flies make air bubbles and enter the water in them to lay their eggs. The migrating birds eat the flies, the eggs and the shrimp. Remarkable დ

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  4. Fascinating. I’d never heard of this lake. When I saw the lake at Salt Lake, Utah I don’t think it had any of these. I guess it doesn’t have the fresh water like this one. Thanks! I love learning new things.


    • Hi Derrick. This is one of the best things about living longer. We never ever have to stop learning everyday. Stay safe and well in your storm my friend. Mother Nature appears highly irked with us everywhere დ


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