Feathered Pairs~

Big Gulp Gull,

swallows his catch, Coeur d’Alene Idaho.

Bald Eagle,

and juvenile, catch grizzly salmon scraps, British Columbia Canada.

Saddle Bill Stork catches a cat,

Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Red Tailed Hawk,

loves rare water, Southern California.

A pair of Yellow Legs multiply in reflection, Salton Sea, California.

Greater Flamingos tango, Tagus Estuary Portugal.

Mated White Storks greet on their nest, Alsace France.

Cheers to you from your feathered friends~

249 thoughts on “Feathered Pairs~

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  2. What fun, Cindy. I wouldn’t believe that gull could get that fish down without seeing your photos. And then I imagined it swimming around in the gulls stomach. πŸ™‚ –Curt


  3. Cindy, you’ve done it again — what beauties! My favorite? Probably the yellow-legs. After all, their reflections in the water make them look like ink blot tests, ha!


  4. How come? I do not understand how these birds swallow so big prey. It looks they are made from rubber. (lol…)
    I remember my grandmother in her ninetieth was afraid to choke on because people would say she is greedy. This is why she ate just very soft meal and bit by very small pieces. πŸ™‚ But these guys are not thinking like that and swallow whatever they caught.


  5. Loving all your bird pics, Cindy!
    I hope by the time you can travel safely again, you will have shot most of the species in the Holler!
    Sending love…about all I can do right now!


  6. Cindy, I am not only amazed by your feathered friends but also by the number of followers who comment on your posts. Really, I don’t know how you ever have the time to create new blogs when you choose to respond to these wonderful comments.
    I am in awe. Truly.
    P.S. We remain well in our little family tonight. Tonight is the first night Ella will sleep in her new “big girl” bed in her new bedroom to prepare for her little sister Molly who will be sleeping in the nursery in less than 3 weeks!


  7. What a marvelous series of bird images, Cindy. You’ve captured many great poses and close-ups. Terrific vibrant, crisp shots. Looking forward to more of your work in the upcoming year! πŸ™‚


  8. The contemplation of your photos is a delight for the eyes. They are so well done that one can touch these majestic birds from the beach. You really have a unique talent to capture the images of birds and the landscape in an incredible way. Congratulations Cindy for your post.


  9. Love these feathered pairs, Cindy. Those pretty-in-two-tone-pink flamingos form perfect negative space for drawing, and the black of the water ripples echos their black beaks. I also like all those mirrored yellow legs against the blue water and the little wake spreading away from their legs on otherwise calm water. You really captured the arrival of the Holler Hawk!


  10. Another set of amazing pictures, Cindy. Unbelievable that the birdie eats the whole fishie in just one bite. I wish I could do that😹Pawkisses for a wonderful weekend. Hope it’s a warm one where you liveπŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž


  11. Cindy, Your pictures are amazing! You have inspired me to pick up the camera again. Your “About Me” page was so cute. I have a visual of where you live because you were so descriptive.


  12. Interesting…I thought I was already following you. That explains why I didn’t see your posts in the Reader. Anyway, great pics of our fine-feathered friends. The Bald Eagle is my favorite. He’s so serious and commanding…


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