fit the battle of Jericho,

and the walls,

came tumbling down.

These tumbled boulders,

are in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

Despite Southern California’s endless severe drought,

the Joshua Tree’s are still surviving, although under threat.

The desert desperately needs water.

Only the rocks are unperturbed.

Cheers to you from elegantly jumbled Joshua Tree National Park~

194 thoughts on “Joshua~

  1. Such a special place … and trees worth preserving. Thank you for sharing its history and it’s precariousness in the future. Now is the time to stop taking things for granted 🙏💕


  2. The contemplation of these landscapes in your well-made photographs gives us that feeling of harmony between the rocks so that beauty that goes beyond compression emerges. Thank you Cindy for giving us a moment of relaxation and spiritual peace. Have a happy weekend.
    Manuel Angel


  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images. I would like to visit this place one day. The first time I came to know of this park was through the Rock Band U2, with one of their best albums, aptly named The Joshua Tree.


    • How wonderful! That campus has grown. We have friends who just retired from the faculty there. And my daughter works in a psychotherapy practice for UCI students. It is a small world დ


  4. Pretty and I drove through this park many moons before and absolutely loved it! Your images remind me of why!
    May the Joshua trees survive to speak to my granddaughters as they did to their grandmothers.


  5. Gorgeous Cindy!
    I hope the trees survive all this climate change.
    Meanwhile British Columbia ha a river fall on it for 3 days. Disaster!
    It is angry making to me that many still deny global warming!


    • The areas around Joshua is becoming in demand real estate from people wanting to escape city life and being around the beauty of nature. I can well understand this. It most have been wonderful to live there დ


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