fit the battle of Jericho,

and the walls,

came tumbling down.

These tumbled boulders,

are in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

Despite Southern California’s endless severe drought,

the Joshua Tree’s are still surviving, although under threat.

The desert desperately needs water.

Only the rocks are unperturbed.

Cheers to you from elegantly jumbled Joshua Tree National Park~

203 thoughts on “Joshua~

  1. Thanks, Cindy, for those great pictures, and the text! That area is still on our bucket list. I hope that it will get some moisture soon, so the trees will survive.
    Have a great Sunday,


  2. These Joshua trees are so pretty (I’ve never seen one!). Cindy, I hate that they’re so thirsty and wish I could send them some of our rain. It just seems so unfair that the “haves” get more precipitation while the “have nots” continue to be parched.


    • It is not you. WP is continuously deleting followers from certain blogs with lots of followers and lots of interactive content. I spoke to them about this and they acknowledged it, claiming “the developers are working on it.” That was about six months ago. I followed up recently, they were still “working on it.” I think we are renters, renting space from them, after our n gets too large AND too interactive ie., takes up too much rental room space, they cut back on it figuring we’ll never notice. I notice because they cut off my friends, and my friends notice too, as they have to keep refollowing me. It is happening to other bloggers who have talked to me about it. It is interesting too because WP will not let you view all the blogs you follow after you pass a certain n. I wanted to trim down blogs I no longer interact with. I had to compress files and use screen shots (ie., a big hassle) just to see the blogs I follow. I pay for a business plan. My blog isn’t a business. If it were, I would be losing customers and revenue. If it were a problem negatively impacting WP’s profitability, they would have fixed it promptly.

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  3. Joshua trees are so whimsical looking…I wonder if they inspired some of Dr. Seuss’s illustrations of trees. 😉 I love those rock formations! 😍 They remind me of a scene out of the move Galaxy Quest…LOL! Hope you had a stress-free Thanksgiving, Cindy ❤️


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