fit the battle of Jericho,

and the walls,

came tumbling down.

These tumbled boulders,

are in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

Despite Southern California’s endless severe drought,

the Joshua Tree’s are still surviving, although under threat.

The desert desperately needs water.

Only the rocks are unperturbed.

Cheers to you from elegantly jumbled Joshua Tree National Park~

203 thoughts on “Joshua~

  1. So many beautiful photos, Cindy! The Joshua tree is common all around Las Vegas too, beautiful trees when they are doing well. They can live to 400 or 500 years.

  2. Such a special place … and trees worth preserving. Thank you for sharing its history and it’s precariousness in the future. Now is the time to stop taking things for granted 🙏💕

  3. The contemplation of these landscapes in your well-made photographs gives us that feeling of harmony between the rocks so that beauty that goes beyond compression emerges. Thank you Cindy for giving us a moment of relaxation and spiritual peace. Have a happy weekend.
    Manuel Angel

    1. You ought to know. You are always rockin’ Timothy. You should know, I just found a bunch of your comments in my WP spam filter. At least I could track this one down. Thank you WP for more problems for both of us დ

  4. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images. I would like to visit this place one day. The first time I came to know of this park was through the Rock Band U2, with one of their best albums, aptly named The Joshua Tree.

    1. How wonderful! That campus has grown. We have friends who just retired from the faculty there. And my daughter works in a psychotherapy practice for UCI students. It is a small world დ

    1. There have been two atmospheric rivers that have hit Northern California in the past weeks which is wonderful news and will help The Sierra snowpack, but sadly they passed Southern California by, and we are now extremely dry, with another La Nina forecast for this winter დ

      1. Well maybe we can dream it into being. In one of my novellas, “The Quality of Light”, I have a character who is a shaman and brings the rains to a drought-stricken N.M. by feeling them into being. 😂

  5. Pretty and I drove through this park many moons before and absolutely loved it! Your images remind me of why!
    May the Joshua trees survive to speak to my granddaughters as they did to their grandmothers.

  6. Lovely photos, Cindy. I especially love the Joshua trees. We don’t have them here in Wales, or even the UK They really are something special. I do hope they survive. We need to pray for more rain.

  7. As I noticed the nature, landscape and wild life in California so different in different parts of the state.
    The life there is not boring, in just couple hours you can see so much interesting places.

    1. Yes Alexander, it is so true. In a short distance from where we live, we can go to the beach, ski in the mountains, and bake in the desert. California itself has nine national parks. But we desperately need water in Southern California to keep everything alive. დ

        1. Yes, like the Ancient Mariner, “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.” At least San Diego has a very active desalinization program providing enough water for now დ

  8. Gorgeous Cindy!
    I hope the trees survive all this climate change.
    Meanwhile British Columbia ha a river fall on it for 3 days. Disaster!
    It is angry making to me that many still deny global warming!

    1. The areas around Joshua is becoming in demand real estate from people wanting to escape city life and being around the beauty of nature. I can well understand this. It most have been wonderful to live there დ

  9. Thanks, Cindy, for those great pictures, and the text! That area is still on our bucket list. I hope that it will get some moisture soon, so the trees will survive.
    Have a great Sunday,

  10. Really amazing photos from Joshua Trees. I went to the interesting park many years ago, but my old photos don’t look as professional as yours. Thank you for sharing. LG Marie

  11. These Joshua trees are so pretty (I’ve never seen one!). Cindy, I hate that they’re so thirsty and wish I could send them some of our rain. It just seems so unfair that the “haves” get more precipitation while the “have nots” continue to be parched.

    1. It is not you. WP is continuously deleting followers from certain blogs with lots of followers and lots of interactive content. I spoke to them about this and they acknowledged it, claiming “the developers are working on it.” That was about six months ago. I followed up recently, they were still “working on it.” I think we are renters, renting space from them, after our n gets too large AND too interactive ie., takes up too much rental room space, they cut back on it figuring we’ll never notice. I notice because they cut off my friends, and my friends notice too, as they have to keep refollowing me. It is happening to other bloggers who have talked to me about it. It is interesting too because WP will not let you view all the blogs you follow after you pass a certain n. I wanted to trim down blogs I no longer interact with. I had to compress files and use screen shots (ie., a big hassle) just to see the blogs I follow. I pay for a business plan. My blog isn’t a business. If it were, I would be losing customers and revenue. If it were a problem negatively impacting WP’s profitability, they would have fixed it promptly.

      1. Wow this is a whole lot to take in. I lost a huge amount of followers and interactions a while ago and I know it had very little to do with the quality of content I put out.

        Shame on them for putting us through this considering we pay for a personal plan just so we can keep in touch with the lovely WordPress community.

        Even frequent commenters on my site that usually bond with each other have been trying and failing to find themselves.

        They should be doing better.

  12. Joshua trees are so whimsical looking…I wonder if they inspired some of Dr. Seuss’s illustrations of trees. 😉 I love those rock formations! 😍 They remind me of a scene out of the move Galaxy Quest…LOL! Hope you had a stress-free Thanksgiving, Cindy ❤️

    1. I thought the same thing. They are Dr. Seuss trees! He lived in my home town in Southern California, so it is my guess this is where he got the inspiration. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Teresa <3

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