Lonely Cattle Egret~

What a beauty.

I couldn’t figure why he was here in his breeding plumage hanging out with the snowy egrets.

Maybe he was lost.

Cheers to you from the lonely cattle egret ~

200 thoughts on “Lonely Cattle Egret~

  1. Cheers to you and your lovely lonely friend, Cindy!
    I am pleased to tell you that I have signed up as one of your followers today for the umpteenth time. I am annoyed on your behalf – but not on mine. I just don’t want to miss your posts!

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    • Thank you for your effort and for letting me know Sheila. And, yes WP is unfollowing followers constantly from my blog. It is now happening to many people multiple times a day. The people that notice are the ones who know me. Many others obviously may not notice. I am following my blog myself as a test case and I literally am unfollowed from myself every week. This unfollowing factor is happening to other bloggers too, but I notice it is getting worse with me. They have some sort of algorithm operating that shaves followers after a certain n is reached and this also seems to be happening with more interactive blogs that take up more space, ie., discussion. There seems to be nothing I, or they, can, or will, do about it. They say they are “aware” of the problem, but unable to fix it. I do imagine though, if many bloggers were being eliminated from their wp platform, without they knowledge or consent, they would find a fix.

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