200 thoughts on “Lonely Cattle Egret~

  1. Absolutely gorgeous pompadour on your guy, Cindy! Can he be a migrant from farther north who happened to get blown off course? I’m not sure how far south winds would be spreading from that intense atmospheric ocean affecting the PNW but fall migration is underway. He may have heard the Holler is a good way station for weary travelers? Great captures of your Cattle Egret. Best, Babsje

    1. I often find lost and confused birds.
      Or more likely,
      lost and liking it?
      Who knows.
      I did call wild bird rescue when I first moved into The Holler,
      because of this great blue heron,
      that showed up at a Holler glass door.
      He is quite large, up close.
      The first time I caught a glimpse of him, when I first woke up, my brain said to me, “There is a dinosaur on your doorstep.”
      Which actually was really quite accurate, since they are like dinosaurs.
      Anyhoo, the wild bird rescue person arrives, and we watch him hunt, catch, and gulp down, two large lizards, in less than ten minutes.
      Needless to say, I apologized, to the wild bird rescue person, wrote a check for the amazing work.
      And the next time, a great white heron showed up at my front door, I followed him around and took his portraits, and posted them! დ

  2. ‘Our’ cattle egrets can be seen all year as they follow the cattle and wildlife around. Your photographs are beautiful – I find that this one appears to be perching an a tree interesting for I mostly see them darting about in the grass. They also perch on the top of low bushes during the day (to get a bird’s eye view?) and roost in tall trees at night.

    1. I think you’re right! He probably thought, “I am far too gorgeous to waste my time picking bugs off cows. I will go to the lake and outshine all those snowy egrets!” 😉

  3. Some of us just like being alone. :I don’t see why that wouldn’t apply to other animals/birds as well. I hope that’s what it is. Gorgeous photographs…as always. You made my morning beautiful.

    1. Like you Gigi, I am one of those solitude lovers. One of the things I love most about birds is they don’t tend to pay too much attention at all to where people say they are supposed to be, and they don’t have to pack or buy tickers to fly! 😉

    1. I think he more likely was being mobbed by cattle egret females, and just wanted to go somewhere he could be ignored. Besides he was atop a tall tree with big thorns, and there was much better views than you get picking bugs off the back of a cow 😉

    1. Yes they are, naturally. Explains why females (and males) adorned themselves with egret feather throughout history, trying, and failing, to look as elegantly natural as the bird დ

  4. Cheers to you and your lovely lonely friend, Cindy!
    I am pleased to tell you that I have signed up as one of your followers today for the umpteenth time. I am annoyed on your behalf – but not on mine. I just don’t want to miss your posts!

    1. Thank you for your effort and for letting me know Sheila. And, yes WP is unfollowing followers constantly from my blog. It is now happening to many people multiple times a day. The people that notice are the ones who know me. Many others obviously may not notice. I am following my blog myself as a test case and I literally am unfollowed from myself every week. This unfollowing factor is happening to other bloggers too, but I notice it is getting worse with me. They have some sort of algorithm operating that shaves followers after a certain n is reached and this also seems to be happening with more interactive blogs that take up more space, ie., discussion. There seems to be nothing I, or they, can, or will, do about it. They say they are “aware” of the problem, but unable to fix it. I do imagine though, if many bloggers were being eliminated from their wp platform, without they knowledge or consent, they would find a fix.

  5. Argh…WP seems to have unfollowed your blog for me without my knowledge. I was wondering why I’d not seen notifications in my email. Hopefully, clicking on “Follow” just now will do the trick. What a gorgeous fellow he is! 😍

    1. WP is removing my followers constantly. They claim they cannot fix it. I follow my own blog as a test and I get unfollowed every three or se weeks. It is happening to other blogs too.

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