California Coast~

Crescent City, nearing the border with Oregon.

Battery Point lighthouse began operation in 1856.

Coastal Oaks covered with moss in temperate rain forests.

Southern forests are much drier.

Point Reyes National Sea Shore. (Click to enlarge)

Fierce winds have bent the trees at The Point Reyes Lighthouse.

Klamath California (click and see if you can spot the distant grazing elk herd).

Cheers to you from coastal California~

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  1. Beautiful photos, Cindy! I’ve never been way up there, I bet the sea air smells so good. The winds must be fierce to have warped the trees like that! ❤️

      1. There have been efforts to save as many larger animals as possible by putting out drinking water as they will wind up on roads or in people’s farm fields. It’s surprising how many will survive by burying themselves, but of course their food sources will be compromised.

  2. I’ve always been drawn to pictures of the sea, but in the U.S. I’ve only seen the Atlantic, not the Pacific. That lighthouse island is particularly nice – something I could look at for a long time.

  3. Wonderful photos to give us a virtual trip to areas I’ve never seen. I love California. We got to drive along the ocean from San Francisco to San Diego in a convertible staying at several marvelous places along the way. What a delightful experience and fond memory. I would love to see Oregon and Washington also. thanks for sharing the beauty with us.

  4. Fires are a calamity that occurs every year and there is no way, not even, to this day, to prevent them. Your magnificent photos let us see the beauty of the place. I hope you are well. A good Sunday to you.

    1. Happy Sunday to you my friend. As I lifelong Californian, I can attest to the truth of your words, but the fires have never been this bad, starting this early, and burning this extensively, in so many different areas, in my memory. Happy Sunday to you დ

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Cindy! 💚 Pt Reyes is one of our favorite places in the U.S….we camped there once pre-kids and then took the kids there to hike when they were young. We had a grand time birding at Klamath, too!

  6. I shudder when I hear about the start of the fire season – such destruction in its wake. Then you show us these beautiful scenes and I marvel at the trees that have clearly lived for many years; gnarled, twisted and bent to the force of the prevailing winds. I wish you all well in tinder dry times.

  7. The Californian coast really is picturesque, isn’t it? I like it a lot again, when we were there lately, on a day trip from Palo Alto. Thanks for the pictures. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Sunday,
    P.S.: it’ll take a while before I catch up with editing the pictures and showing some of them in my blog.

  8. I enjoyed Crescent City and did a tour of Battery Point lighthouse. It´s supposed to be haunted but aren´t all lighthouses haunted? Great pictures!

  9. A beautiful part of the country which I only raced through one time. I saw Pt Reyes, the coast, and the redwoods, but didn’t see Klamath. Did you go to all these places in one trip Cindy?

    1. We have temperate rain forests hugging the coast that come down from Canada, through Washington and Oregon, and down into the Northern California coast. დ

  10. Seeing your beautiful photos brings back memories of too brief visits to too few places on the coast with the most.

    I could spot the elk herd B4 clicking.  Had to click to be sure and then click again to try counting them.  Something like 14 or 15?  Hope they like the grass as much as people like the sight.

    1. Yes. I love this to. The most extreme example of this I have seen is in Ushuaia Argentina, ‘the end of the world,’ where trees sparsely grow on only one side, and are beaten by the wind, until their tips, almost touch the ground. But they are still living! დ

  11. Hi Cindy,
    we love lighthouses. We saw the Battery Point Lighthouse before in one of our lighthouse-books.
    Thanks & cheers
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Beautiful photos as always, Cindy. You know, each time I go to your site I have to re-follow you. I don’t know why that it is, but just in case you get a new ‘trefology has followed you’ notice each week, now you know why.

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