208 thoughts on “Stellar Baby~

  1. This birdie’s so pretty and beautiful! I am an animal lover must of, and I found your blog totally awesome. I don’t support animal in cages and zoos, and I am glad you portray their beautifully world!


  2. Hello Cindy! I hope all is well, and you are all stay save. Sorry, it seems my second name is delay. 😉 I really had missed your sometimes very mysterious neighbors. Lol This one is looking like on a ranting tour. Unbelievble how different and wonderful birds mother nature has. Best wishes, Michael


    • I am so happy to hear from you and introduce you to more of my neighbors Michael. I agree with you. Mother Nature has creations to amaze and astound us everyday. Stay safe and well my friend დ


  3. Cindy, I just reveled in your beautiful lake photo, and now I am astounded at your bird photos. Photographers who can capture beauty from afar and also up close AND bring emotion to the viewer on either end, are the best of the best. I’m so glad you are among that group.


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