Clever Critters~

Curious vole in a hole says hello,

while squirrely plots to get his fix.

Forced to ponder,

as squirrels are,

he finally leaps,

to steal his treats.

And stares me down with a squirrely frown.

Cheers to you from clever critters everywhere~

182 thoughts on “Clever Critters~

    • I do feel sad for you because you may not have voles in your valley, besides the fact that “voles in the valley,” is poetic, voles themselves are poetically shy and sort of wonderful critters. When they say Hello, they say it forcefully. The first time I met one, I inadvertently watered his/her hole. I looked down, and there it was, at the toe of my rattlesnake boot, challenging me. Truth be told, I was afraid. The vole was not. It was just full of righteous indignation ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Greetings. Amazing pictures again. The last two images are brilliant. The last but one is typical squirrel style globally. We have squirrels with prominent stripe line from forehead till tail and they looks extremely good in eating fruits in both hands. Lovely images and thanks for posting. Have a great week end.

  2. The squirrels here in Spain are black and smart enough to run up a tree when my dogs are around. We didnยดt have voles in Alberta but we had gophers (prairie dogs) – lots of them. They look similar.

  3. I love squirrels, I could watch them all day. A guy created a ‘Squirrel Bar” and sells them on Etzy. I am seriously thinking about getting one, just for my own entertainment.

  4. We have plenty of squirrels here, and they are happy that we feed our birds well. So the squirrels can steal the bird food. As do the deer, btw!
    Have a great weekend,

    • I have seen squirrels make short work of ‘squirrel proof birdfeeders’, and deer of course will get through everything. It reminds me of child proof safety caps. The only people I know who can’t open them are adults. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Very sweet! I adore squirrels.

    Sigh! You may notice my “Like is from Art Gowns.
    However, when I comment, it is from Glam.
    I am logged out of Glam and into Art Gowns.
    I logged out of Glam about 10 times. I was even locked out of Art Gowns when I tried to return.
    Weirdest WP glitch I’ve ever had!

  6. We don’t have squirrels here in New Zealand but you grow up with them in children’s books. I remember the excitement I felt when I saw my first real squirrel in my 30s – in the Boston Common in 1986! It’s probably the most photographed squirrel in history!

  7. Amazing photos of difficult to capture creatures. I have been trying in vain to get the monarch butterflies which flit about. What have I learned in the process? Always have the camera in hand and ready to go. Your words match the photos. Thank you, Cindy for the lovely post. oxox

  8. Very cool up close pictures of squirrels. They are very smart when it comes to food. I have seen a documentary about them trying to get food. They are incredible.

  9. Squirrels are so cute๐Ÿ˜€ and, they can be very destructive sometimes. Sometime back my aunt tried to bring her patch to life by planting some seedlings, and lo! They were all gone by the next day. I just love your alliterative titles. As an animal lovers I find your blog fascinating๐Ÿป๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿ•

  10. Hi Cindy, for some reason I haven’t been getting emails for your posts in the past few weeks. I thought you must be taking a break, but I didn’t follow up. I have signed up again in hopes that I will be notified. That’s how I know to read the posts I can’t miss.So sorry. I will catch up!
    Love this one with the squirrels!!

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