Clever Critters~

Curious vole in a hole says hello,

while squirrely plots to get his fix.

Forced to ponder,

as squirrels are,

he finally leaps,

to steal his treats.

And stares me down with a squirrely frown.

Cheers to you from clever critters everywhere~

182 thoughts on “Clever Critters~

  1. Amazing photos of difficult to capture creatures. I have been trying in vain to get the monarch butterflies which flit about. What have I learned in the process? Always have the camera in hand and ready to go. Your words match the photos. Thank you, Cindy for the lovely post. oxox


  2. Squirrels are so cute😀 and, they can be very destructive sometimes. Sometime back my aunt tried to bring her patch to life by planting some seedlings, and lo! They were all gone by the next day. I just love your alliterative titles. As an animal lovers I find your blog fascinating🐻🐱🐕


  3. Hi Cindy, for some reason I haven’t been getting emails for your posts in the past few weeks. I thought you must be taking a break, but I didn’t follow up. I have signed up again in hopes that I will be notified. That’s how I know to read the posts I can’t miss.So sorry. I will catch up!
    Love this one with the squirrels!!


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