Feathers, Fortresses & Flora~

These are just three of the many reasons I love Oz. Most of the creatures are very friendly!

Tasmanian countryside.

Old church, in the former penal colony,

Port Arthur, Tasmania.


flora is unique and stunning.

Old Government House, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney.

Flower Arrangement in the Government House. We met and chatted with the Governor of New South Wales while touring Government House where she lives (I told you, Oz is a friendly place!)

Royal botanical garden Sydney.

Cheers to you from just a few of the reasons I love Oz~

192 thoughts on “Feathers, Fortresses & Flora~

  1. Good to hear, Cindy. I’m sure I would love your country just as much, but at the moment, I’m really glad I live in Australia.

    There’s supposed to be over a 100 bird species in the park & nature reserve behind my apartment building, but I think I’ve only seen about 15.

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  2. That church is beautiful although I am sure as it was a penal colony it has many dark secrets…The only part of Oz we have visited thus far is WA…It has some stunning scenery quite wild in places but so very beautiful. As always Cindy your images are stunning 🙂 x


    • This lady came up because the birds were on our picnic table. Birds do tend to frequent areas like picnic grounds where they know there will be food and crumbs about. This happens everywhere. Wild birds are more bold and friendly at picnics!! 😉 დ

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