Sea Koalas~

Wild California Sea Otters,

remind me,

of floating koala bears.

Like koalas they have a laid back approach to life,

and don’t sweat the small stuff!

This pup is clearly embracing the parental philosophy.

Cheers to you from Moro Bay California’s wild sea otters~

248 thoughts on “Sea Koalas~

  1. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a picture of sea otters floating like that and yes, they do look a bit like koalas in some images.


  2. Cindy, I simply adore the otters. I remember taking my kids to Monterey Bay for a little vacation. We swam and kayaked alongside the aquarium, I’m not sure if that is allowed anymore. They were so friendly and felt protected there, It was only later that I learned they have a vicious bite… of course, most of us in the animal kingdom have some sort of survival instinct and when we feel threatened, seek to protect ourselves and our young. Lovely photos as always. xx


    • Monterey Bay is so wonderful. They are responsible for bring the otter back to coastal waters and yes, you can still kayak in the bay and the otters are there! So happy you and your children had this experience Lea დ

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  3. I like your analogy as they are “sea koalas”. Is it universal ? To me, seals are water dos 🙂

    They are so adorable. I am wondering whether they are tame as they look? I think koalas are a bit more docile. I have heard on the news recently that one sneaked into a house and stayed on the family Christmas tree. That was a cute news.


    • Yes! I read that too. Koalas like trees, and maybe families, with an indoor Christmas Tree. How cool is that? Sea Otters are not as tame as they look. They face obstacles to survive, and they have to be smart and tough to do it. Doesn’t surprise me you know this. Stay well my friend დ

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    • I have spent a lot of time with them and the pups. I think they are magnificent. They can move from zero to warp speed on land while seeming to sleep and look like a tub of butter. Considering their weight, this gets your attention fast! I remember seeing them from the water. The head came up and each eye looked like a dinner plate დ


  4. I have never seen anything so adorable haha! That face, the way they float (and nap?!) and hold on to each other, are so incredibly cute. Lovely photographs as always, Cindy. Cheers.


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  6. As always, Cindy your images are fabulous and the WP gremlins are still around I can’t like directly on a post…Happy Days…Have a great week and keep clicking 🙂 x


  7. Love the Koala analogy with these little guys, they are playful somewhat more than the Koala who does nothing in a hurry, but it is lovely to see them relaxing in the water. Koalas normally do not go near water at all, as they only drink water during droughts getting all their moisture from the eucalypt leaves. Otters look such cudly and fun little guys, could easily have one for a pet 🙂

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    • I didn’t know this. Koalas sound like my feral, now tame, cat Herbert. There is no water he has ever appreciated. The place I was born in, and still live in, the southern-most part of Southern California, is covered with still germinating old eucalyptus forests. Here at The Holler, Eucs are so old and big , that when they swell with water, after it finally rains, they crash down and could do damage, if anyone was here. I have always trimmed eucs on all the places I have lived for this reason. The Eucs were planted here for wood for the railroads back in the early days. They wood tended to split, didn’t work for train tracks, but the climate worked perfectly for them. I consider them personal friends.

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