Desert Reflected~

In a topsy-turvy world,

that spins,

like a ball,

in space,

plants grow upside down,

and fish swim in trees.

Cheers to you,

from a pond’s point of view~

These photos were taken over the years in California, at Borrego Springs State Park, The Annenberg Gardens in Palm Springs, and Death Valley National Park. (Note: Image three is posted upside down, while image four is right-side up!)

246 thoughts on “Desert Reflected~

  1. I want to borrow the bench for a while, and enjoy the sun and warmth far away from the snow in Ohio. Watching the water, reading a book, it sounds heavenly.

    I love the ‘ponds view’

  2. I love those images and the beauty reflected back with such clarity and color. Great shots again, Cindy. And from a philosophical view point it is a way we should hope others can see the unmistakable reflection of our creator in us. 😊

  3. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing Cindy. I was in the USNβš“οΈ San Diego off & on in the ’70’s and never really saw the pretty scenery so close in southern California πŸ™‚

  4. I love the idea of an upside down photo. It brings me closer, and challenges me to think differently. You have an amazing way to helping us look at life from different perspectives. Sending many hugs!

  5. These images are gorgeous Cindy! I’ve always loved taking photos of reflections over water and your first one is my favorite. It is both beautiful and evokes a sense of peace for me. A great way to start my day. Thanks!

    • Oh dear! I am so sorry. That hurts. Heal quickly. I broke my toe a few weeks ago, so I can definitely relate to being hobbled. Hope you recover quickly my friend დ

  6. Love these photos. You are a pro! Is that asparagus in the last one? As you can tell from my blog, our end of the pond is snow covered with below zero wind chills. Your bright and sunny photos brought cheer to me today. Thanks.

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  9. Stunning photos, Cindy. The asparagus tree is like something out of my worst childhood nightmare, though I admit, I have grown fonder of them as the years go by.

    • I am so sorry I missed your comment. It is because I rely on the WordPress reader to respond to comments, and it sometimes makes mistakes, so I never saw your comment.

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