Desert Reflected~

In a topsy-turvy world,

that spins,

like a ball,

in space,

plants grow upside down,

and fish swim in trees.

Cheers to you,

from a pond’s point of view~

These photos were taken over the years in California, at Borrego Springs State Park, The Annenberg Gardens in Palm Springs, and Death Valley National Park. (Note: Image three is posted upside down, while image four is right-side up!)

228 thoughts on “Desert Reflected~

  1. These images are gorgeous Cindy! I’ve always loved taking photos of reflections over water and your first one is my favorite. It is both beautiful and evokes a sense of peace for me. A great way to start my day. Thanks!


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  4. Stunning photos, Cindy. The asparagus tree is like something out of my worst childhood nightmare, though I admit, I have grown fonder of them as the years go by.


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