to a garden of dreams,

where worries vanish,

in a tulip trance,

while daffodils dance.

There are over seven million tulips,

in the Keukenhof gardens in The Netherlands.

A perfect place to dream your day away.

I am home for the winter at The Holler, but send you springtime cheers from Keukenhof~

260 thoughts on “Escape~

  1. A beautiful escape indeed. It is certainly a most pleasant and much needed reminder that there are places on this earth unspoiled, preserved and nurtured in such a way that it takes us to places where our heart and mind find rest from all that is going on around us.. Your images capture and reflect a voice all their own even without their captions. Take care and stay well, Cindy.

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  2. All that colours and overwhelming beauty really fill up the soul! (And the neat immaculate gardening too haha) It already makes me so happy just looking at your photos, I can’t imagine how wonderful it must had been to actually be there! Cheers, my friend.

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