Mother cormorant with her hungry chick.

Australian tawny frogmouth sleeps while keeping one eye on me.

Bush stone curlew looks to the sky for inspiration,

and leads me away from the nest.

Great blue heron,

with fishing line snared on his foot,

walks by me warily.

Cheers to you from our feathered friends~

Note: I thought this was a great blue heron, but my clever blogging friend Eliza Waters, informs me it is a white faced heron. I am so lucky to have blogging friends like Eliza, and you. Many thanks to all of you. It is wonderful to be a part of all of you. Keep on blogging~

175 thoughts on “Feathers~

  1. The pictures make me feel like you were doing “street shots” of these birds. They were carrying their own business like folks on streets. Oh, another thing this might just be me. For some reason, I just glued to look at the these feather friends’ eyes.

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    • I love your comment and it is true. If you are quiet and still for long enough, birds do go about their business with you around, keeping you one eye on you at all times! πŸ˜‰ And I agree. Bird eyes are mesmerizing დ

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