If the headlines are stressing you out,

why not fly with me to visit some flamingos.

These lucky flamingos in Argentina, take off, at the slightest hint of trouble,

and flaming go!

Greater Flamingos,

and Lesser Flamingos, are just as adept at flaming going!

Wish we all could do the same.

Cheers to you from The Holler~

Note: I am currently hunkering down at The Holler and am posting some older photos you may not have seen.

246 thoughts on “Flamingos~

  1. Birds in flight as such visions of gracefulness! I would love to be able to fly regardless, but even more so during this turbulent time. Here’s hoping for some better times soon!

        1. I’m so sorry and I relate! Our intimate family foibles, that are almost tolerable when we have some social distance from each other, πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ really do get quite a bit grating at times, when we have all this togetherness πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Love to you and your family. დდდ

    1. Tee hee hee hee…. Still completely cracks me up. I think your hamster is doing hundreds of 360’s in his wheel about now!! Hopefully she doesn’t read the news. πŸ˜‰

  2. Quarantining is giving you time to work through your archives – to our enjoyment. These are very beautiful photographs of very beautiful birds, Cindy.

    1. We just need the ruby shoes Sheila. Maybe we could figure out a way to share them. Tap them together and off we go to Oz. The phony wizard would be better than our current reality.

  3. Always wonderful to rest the eyes on something beautiful that nature has created itself. Their eyes are so special that you just get caught up in them as spectators. Hope you get your “freedom” back when your “leader” crawls back into his cave ….

    1. I don’t think he’ll crawl willingly. He’s going to need to be forcibly carried out and the house keys will all need to be changed. Thank God it is a new day! დ

  4. Stressssssssed Out?! “What, me worry?” I think that was Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine. Oh, for the good-old days of Spy-Versus-Spy, etc. Thanks for the visual diversion. I’m going back to the garden (root crop harvesting day). – Oscar

      1. Ooooh, I have not heard of gardening from your hollow. Maybe next year you can post some photo essays on how the greens grow in your region (loved the wildflower posts you have put up here and there). – Oscar

  5. Those birds are so elegant… We do have a flock of flamingos here in Southern Bavaria, at the Lake Chiemsee. πŸ˜‰ They once escaped from a zoo near the Bavarian/Austrian border and settled at Bavarias largest lake. And they seem to do pretty good at their new homestead since some years. πŸ™‚
    Stay safe, dear Cindy!

      1. I promise I will go there next year in spring or summer and take pictures of the flamingos for you. πŸ˜€
        Today is a very, very great and happy day. Since my childhood days The USA are the land of my dreams, but I seldom loved it as much as today. God bless America! <3

  6. I am Flamingo-damaged for life. One of our neighbors had these pink plastic birds in the yard, even ‘dressed them up,’ so they matched the fake palm tree every season. She moved away years ago, but still, years later, I can’t look at Flamingos.

  7. Cindy, I’m glad to know you are safely at the Holler. Thanks for sharing these photos, they’re wonderful! I do love flamingos. I particularly like the photos with their reflections. But the close ups of those wild eyes are marvelous too! Hugs on the wing!

  8. Fiction will never be stranger that nature. Astaxanthin & canthaxanthin and boiled shrimp and crabs. Turns out you can get those in pill form, the chemicals that is. Who wants to become flamingo pink?

  9. The rains came last night, Cindy, watering our parched property and forests. And the election news came this morning.Tell your flamingos that it may be safe to land. πŸ™‚ –Curt

    1. Smiling!!! The rain and the thunder and the lightening arrived here too! The heavens were celebrating and the flamingos are sleeping!! Today is a new day! God Bless America. დ

      1. A new day indeed, Cindy. Peggy and I grinned through both Kamala and Joe’s speeches last night with an incredible feeling of relief. Finally, a voice of reason and humanity. –Curt

        1. YES. But now, we have 2.5 months with Trump as a rejected, enraged, unstable, possibly soon to be indicted person, still president of the USA. The prospects of this alarm me, based on my professional experience, more than anything that has happened to date, and it wasn’t like what happened before wasn’t terrible enough.

  10. I was reading up on Flamingos lately. Well, I first was looking for Flamenco and Carlos Montoya and somehow the spelling turned to yes – you guessed it Flamingos. Perhaps it was serendipity. Anyway, I did not know that flamingos are monogamous by nature, and only lay around one egg per year. And even more interesting, it takes flamingos about three years to get their pink and red feathers. I thought they were born pink!! Another amazing post, Cindy.

    1. Thank you for teaching me some new and interesting birdie facts Rebecca. It is amazing how many species of birds are monogamous. Humans could learn a thing or three from birds couldn’t we! πŸ˜‰ დ

          1. I hope goodness and decency prevail. We have just listened to an archived interview from the BBC with Joe Biden over 30 years ago when he was going to run for presidency. Well thought out ideas and strategies but such a humorous and knowledgeable man.

      1. It’s great to be “talking” again too πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I’m still living with limited internet access, so I can’t spend as much time on blogging as I used to.

  11. I love pink colour! πŸ™‚ Wonderfull portraits of this famous birds! I saw them last year in Curacao island…but the group of this birds was so far…no pics but still amazing experience. have a great Sunday.Kamila

  12. Stunning photos. We have been under lockdown, once again, for over a week. However, I drove past many on my way to Port-la-Nouvelle a few days before lockdown and saw many Les Flamants Roses. xx

          1. Good to hear but then I couldn’t imagine you being reckless. I venture out once a week for provisions. I walk around my village when everyone is in for their meal so I don’t run into anyone. They keep us well supplied with masks so we shall all get through this. All the best, Cindy. πŸ’œ

  13. Flamingos are such an amazing design, aren’t they? I try to imagine that particular creative conversation β€œpink, white and black…and O! Really long skinny legs, and…” Hey, it worked! I wasn’t watching the newsfeed, thank you Cindy πŸ™‚!

    1. Yes, the design is so remarkable both in terms of practicality (those long necks and shovel beaks for digging crustaceans out of the mud) and for grace and beauty! დ

  14. Timelesslady

    Sensational! These are definitely something I would love to see in the wild…as of now…I’ve only seen them in captivity, and even then, they are fascinating and beautiful.

  15. Have you noticed how flamingos stand around together? Even my plastic flamingos stand together, LOL. πŸ˜‰

    Hoping you’re staying well, staying safe in the Holler.

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