If the headlines are stressing you out,

why not fly with me to visit some flamingos.

These lucky flamingos in Argentina, take off, at the slightest hint of trouble,

and flaming go!

Greater Flamingos,

and Lesser Flamingos, are just as adept at flaming going!

Wish we all could do the same.

Cheers to you from The Holler~

Note: I am currently hunkering down at The Holler and am posting some older photos you may not have seen.

246 thoughts on “Flamingos~

  1. Always wonderful to rest the eyes on something beautiful that nature has created itself. Their eyes are so special that you just get caught up in them as spectators. Hope you get your “freedom” back when your “leader” crawls back into his cave ….


  2. Stressssssssed Out?! “What, me worry?” I think that was Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine. Oh, for the good-old days of Spy-Versus-Spy, etc. Thanks for the visual diversion. I’m going back to the garden (root crop harvesting day). – Oscar


  3. Those birds are so elegant… We do have a flock of flamingos here in Southern Bavaria, at the Lake Chiemsee. πŸ˜‰ They once escaped from a zoo near the Bavarian/Austrian border and settled at Bavarias largest lake. And they seem to do pretty good at their new homestead since some years. πŸ™‚
    Stay safe, dear Cindy!


  4. I am Flamingo-damaged for life. One of our neighbors had these pink plastic birds in the yard, even ‘dressed them up,’ so they matched the fake palm tree every season. She moved away years ago, but still, years later, I can’t look at Flamingos.


  5. Cindy, I’m glad to know you are safely at the Holler. Thanks for sharing these photos, they’re wonderful! I do love flamingos. I particularly like the photos with their reflections. But the close ups of those wild eyes are marvelous too! Hugs on the wing!


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