Wild Australian magpies are inquisitive, wise, friendly, and fun to interact with. Like most creatures, they are usually respectful to you, if you are respectful of them.

But, they do swoop!

Swooping means they attack humans, other animals, cars, etc., causing about a thousand human injuries in Australia each spring. See:


They swoop if they perceive their nestlings are in danger….

or maybe, if they are having an irritating day.

Like all corvids, they have excellent memories and hold grudges, so if you bothered a corvid in the past, you better steer clear during swooping season, or else be ready to duck down really fast!

Cheers to you from Australia’s marvelous-memoried, moody-magpies~

186 thoughts on “Swoopers~

  1. I just read that crows have memories and reasoning power which add to their ability to communicate within a community. I have a feeling that this extends to all of our winged friends including magpies, robins, bluejays, woodpeckers. We really don’t have a full understanding of how advanced they are. We share this earth with amazing creatures. Another wonderful post that celebrates our world. Hugs


  2. I just saw some Magpies on an animal show…their brains are large in comparison to body size. I wish we had a few here in NJ. I wouldn’t want to be ‘swooped; though. Hmmm…for some reason this just gave me an idea for a blog post. Funny…


    • They are intelligent and have excellent grammar! Remember Mark Twain, “There’s more to a bluejay than any other creature. He has got more moods, and more different kinds of feelings than other creatures; and mind you, whatever a bluejay feels, he can put into language. And no mere commonplace language, either, but rattling, out-and-out book talk – and bristling with metaphor, too – just bristling! And as for command of language – why you never see a bluejay get stuck for a word. No man ever did. They just boil out of him! And another thing: I’ve noticed a good deal, and there’s no bird, or cow, or anything that uses as good grammar as a bluejay.” 😉 😉

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  3. I didn’t know anything about these birds til I saw a youtube video about the juveniles playing: https://youtu.be/yJN5_1tfqXo It makes me smile every time I see it, but I do understand about how dangerous they must be when swooping. Reminds me of how I am wary while wearing my hat in the summer in our garden (yard) in case there’s a Red Kite flying overhead that might take a fancy to it – and then to my head!


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