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    1. This was taken a year ago this month. There was still smoke in the sky then due to multiple fires, and the Kincaid fire would soon burst forth, but the sky that night was clear compared to now. Poor beautiful California.

      1. The Children of the Sun. Beautiful. I visited a ethnographic museum in Russia and learned about their wonderful culture and met some of them in Norway. We were supposed to be back in Norway, Greenland and Sweden in August, but covid said no დ

  1. It is beautiful. I hope the fires raging through California will be contained and out completely soon. There. are some bad ones in Colorado too. We’ve had a bad drought problem here too in Nebraska. I always love all your magnificent photos of nature, birds and wildlife. Take care, Cindy.

    1. Thank you Joyce for such a very kind comment. Much of the west is burning and fire season is just getting started. The combination of covid and fire is heartbreaking. Stay well my friend დ

  2. I never thought I would ever associate smoke and fire with beauty till now. I guess it’s a thing of wonder if it’s not causing plenty of damage. Well captured, and the moon is the bonus!

  3. That is beautiful Cindy. Our sunsets for months during the fires were incredible. The colors were so varied but always ‘glowed’ in so many ways as the sun set each night. A silver lining among the heartache dear lady 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏼 🦋

  4. Oh Cindy – California has been in our thoughts and prayers. The smoke has come as far north as Vancouver. It has been hazy here and there have been health alerts for people with breathing difficulties. I can only imagine how it is for those who are close to the fire. A wonderful photos. Iconic.

    1. We have all of September and October to get through. October is usually the worst month and it is so hot and so dry. I share your prayers for everyone in harm’s way. Hugs to you Rebecca დ

  5. Everything is on fire. Here too. Worst year ever for fires. There seems no end to it. We are at level one but I think they have it under control for now. Smoke is horrendous. Not going outside today either. Hope things are calm where you are now. Puts life in perspective though. Does make for interesting photos I have to get mine off the phone first.

    1. It’s just watch and wait. Our local fire is already a monster and we have to get through October to see what else will burn. It is predicted to be a La Nina winter which is terrible news. Stay safe Marlene დ

  6. I’m so sorry, Cindy. It distresses me every year when this happens. And I heard this morning that the smoke and particles are supposed to spread over much of the globe, potentially causing eye irritation and breathing issues miles away. Stay safe!

  7. Crazy, Cindy!
    I saw some footage of the Golden Gate bridge in the daytime. The sky was red. Someone said the sky is red all day and all night. It’s like living on Mars.
    I’m worried California will burn right up!
    It’s going to get worse.
    Part of Canada’s last intact ice-shelf broke off in July. It is bigger than the island of Manhattan.
    Yet, the climate change deniers roll on.

  8. What a striking photo! I love the fingernail moon in the center. Smoke is everywhere. Our daughter in Oregon has sent us photos of her smokey neck in the woods, albeit far from the fires.

    1. Thanks for asking. Temperatures are finally dropping and things are improving, but we are not out of danger yet, and won’t be until November when things really start to cool down. დ

      1. Improving is good. But still preoccupying. A friend’s family have a cabin up in the woods near Sacramento, one of the fires came close. And many people have lost their home” in the past fires. I would hope some day someone will find a solution…

          1. Our democracies are “faltering”. New Zealand is probably a good exception… But that, as our dear friend Rudyard said, “… is another story”. Take care Cindy.

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