Narcissus in Sydney~

We have one in Washington.

I wasn’t expecting to see one in Sydney.

Thankfully, he didn’t seem political,

mostly just optical,

and clearly in love with the view!

He got quite ruffled up, and vociferously tweeted,

when a photographer disrupted his adored self reflection!

Cheers to you from the vainglorious Ibis in Oz~

203 thoughts on “Narcissus in Sydney~

  1. What a fantastic shot of the Australian White Ibis in the second-last image. Perfect light to show off its ruffled wet(?) feather and open beak. Perfect timing to press the shutter button, Cindy ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Plenty of birds around with the low urban sounds and activity in lockdown. Hope we open our international borders one day so you can visit Oz again ๐Ÿ™‚ Might be years before the borders are open in Victoria though.

        1. Strange, strange days. I am glad I got in when I did. The Holler just had the highest temperatures ever recorded and of course we lost power and the fires are starting up. Hard to imagine anyone not hearing the warning bells chiming…

          1. Our bushfires have started up north too, Cindy and it’s only the start of Spring.

            Many homeless folk from the bushfires early this year still haven’t got back to normal and are living in temporary accommodation or sheds etc. Now with the lockdown, it will take even longer to recover.

            1. I am so sorry your fires have started again. Thinking of people who lost everything thing facing fire again is just so incredibly sad. The impact of fire and covid are pretty horrendous. Evacuated people moved to group shelters are vulnerable to covid on top of losing their homes. We have 40 fires burning now in California, the sky is dark all day.

    1. Ibis are glorious birds. There are gorgeous ones far at the tip of South America that cover the lawns. Occasionally we get non-locals at The Salton Sea in Southern California. Always a treat to see them แƒ“

  2. Ah, the iconic bin chickens of Sydney! They apparently struggled for food during the first lot of Covid restrictions in Sydney. They are amazing birds and you capture them so beautifully. I enjoyed your little political dig. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Great shots Cindy. We get them on the local rubbish tips and they look so scruffy and dirty, this one must be a little more upper class checking itself out in the pool like that ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿคฃ

  4. He’s looking at his reflection and said, “Hello gorgeous, you’re heron time!” LOL!
    โ™กโœงใ€‚ (โ‹ˆโ—๏ผžโ—ก๏ผœโ—)ใ€‚โœงโ™ก

  5. Cela me rappel le poรจme l’ibis de Pierre Coran…
    Sorry I do not find any translation of it but here is in French :

    Un ibis avait un bec
    Comme le sabre d’un cheik.
    Aussi, notre volatile,
    Au mรฉpris des crocodiles,
    Becquetait, becquetait-il,
    Des serpents le long du Nil,
    Becqueta, becqueta tant
    Qu’il mourut en becquetant.
    Dans le ventre de l’ibis,
    On trouva deux tournevis,ย 
    Deux tubes de dentifrice,
    Deux รฉpingles ร  nourrice,ย 
    Deux รฉtoiles de police,ย 
    Et deux balles de tennis.
    Puisqu’il trouvait fabuleux,ย 
    De becqueter tout par deux,ย 
    De Port-Saรฏd ร  Tunis,
    On l’appelait l’ibis bis.


    1. They are hilarious and so are your comments! I have seen roadrunners fluff up like this in the presence of rattlesnakes. I was fairly offended that the ibis treated me like a snake! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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