Baby Beep-Beep~

We have a community of roadrunners living inside our fences at The Holler.

They have become quite used to us, and shelter in our garages or patio when it rains.

This baby roadrunner showed no fear when I approached, but I didn’t press it by getting too close. I would like to stay his friend!

You can see he still has some baby down on his back.

Cheers to you from The Holler’s fearless baby beep-beep~

Note: For those with enquiring minds regarding the tricky controversy over ‘beep vs meep,’ wiki clarifies that although commonly quoted as “meep meep”,Β the current owner of all trademarks lists “beep, beep” as the roadrunner’s main sound. πŸ˜‰

234 thoughts on “Baby Beep-Beep~

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  2. Hello Cindy – the beep-beep or meep-meep discussion had me heading over to Cornell Lab where I found the sounds of Road Runners recorded. These are fascinating birds and you have captured them brilliantly. By the way, all of the Lower Mainland of BC is under dense smoke. We have been told to stay inside. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are experience this trauma.

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    • Oh yes, I know the sounds they make very well living with them 24/7 for 12 years now. I have tramped all over the hills looking for the lost crying coyote pup only to later learn (from the wonderful Cornell website) it was one of many false cries of the roadrunner leading me away from their young. They have an amazing vocal repertoire, different sounds to distract, to mate, to hunt and just to make noise. Fascinating little dinosaury creatures. Yes, the smoke is appalling. It never gets sunny here. I hear the smoke is affecting the skies in the UK and I have seen Vancouver in the orange haze. These are sad days for all of us who care about our planet and all it’s living creatures as I know you do Rebecca დ

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  3. At last I can see a real road runner! Of course I know ‘beep-beep’, thanks to the road runner and coyote cartoons (which I loved). I had no idea how colorful and vibrant the feathers are. Thank you, Cindy!

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  4. How very exciting to be this close to roadrunners, Cindy–sheltering them, watching the young grow. They’re so elusive usually, so very fast. I enjoyed the photos and had a smile at the “meep v. beep” distinction. Sending smiles to you, and thanks.


  5. Are those feathers on their backs really that deep forest green? Beautiful! It must be lots of fun to have them around! As long as Wiley Coyote doesn’t show up, too!


    • Oh, Wile E’s are here in multiple packs! The packs wake us up all the time in the pre-dawn so close to our open windows. That’s why beep-beep hangs out inside our fences, but Wile E is quite wiley. I find the coyotes inside our coyote proof fences before dawn fairly regularly. It wakes me up, and I am sure it wakes up all the beep-beeps too! πŸ˜‰


  6. I remember seeing the real-life roadrunner on one of the animal kingdom tv documentaries when I was about ten and was blown away! Up until then, I thought that the roadrunner was only a cartoon- make believe! LOLOL


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