Flying By~

This Red Shouldered Hawk has been sparring in Holler skies recently with the Red Tailed Hawks.

“California Sister” butterflies are understandably at home in The Holler.

“Firecracker Skimmer” dragonflies float lazily by.

Passion flowers are passionately,


Pickerelweed flowers,

reach for the sky. (Thank you Eliza Waters for identifying this plant!)

Bottle brush thrive while spiders spin.

Cheers to you from all who seek the sky~

210 thoughts on “Flying By~

  1. Cindy, I’ve been meaning to ask, what camera/cameras are you using. I would love to know how you caught the hawk, we have an Eagle pack flying about and I can’t identify it from the ground. I know my ohone won’t zoom in enough. I can clearly see it’s white head and body near the head but beyond that I’m stumped. In North Texas there have been Eagles spotted before. They have recently moved in. Thanks. Loving the photos.

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  2. I saw a dragonfly (NOT the pretty red kind) just the other day, but he was too fast to let me snatch a photo — glad you were quicker on the draw than I was! Love the bottle brush, too!

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