Birdie Ballet~

Birdies are ballet masters.

Forget the plie’, birdies are en pointe,

and excel at the grand battement!

They extend their limbs,

with precise acumen.

Even the goosies get into the game!

Cheers to you from Oz’s high stepping hoofers~

Prima Ballerinas in order of appearance: Australian Wood Duck, Masked Lapwing, Cape Barren Goose

199 thoughts on “Birdie Ballet~

  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful posts. Since the pandemic started, I have taken such solace in the limited birdwatching I can do from my backyard. They bring me so much peace, just being their awesome bird-selves while the human world has been going insane. Birds just going about their business as usual makes me think that things might actually be okay. And these bird photos with your lovely captions make me laugh, which is sorely needed.

    1. Awww, thank you Diane. Birds do exactly the same for me. Being in their company is therapeutic. We have a barn owl box and the babies come out at night, and the great horned owls come out too, so we are surrounded by birds and bird song day and night. They show me how to live in the moment and they make me happy. It makes me happy to know that they provide the same comfort to you. Thank you for sharing with me. You make me happy I posted them დ

      1. Your posts continue to make me incredibly happy, and your poetry around the posts is fabulous, too. I don’t always comment, but when your posts come into my inbox I always take a moment to breathe and enjoy.

  2. Ahh…it must be my ducky day! I’ve really enjoyed this Prima Ballerinas duckumentary. Magnificent as always, my dear friend! ♬° ✧β₯✧¸.β€’*Β¨*βœ§β™‘ΞΎ(ο½‘β—•Λ‡β—ŠΛ‡β—•ο½‘)ξ✧ β„’β„΄Ρ΅β„― βœ§β™‘βœ§*Β¨*β€’.β₯

  3. Let the dance begin, Cindy!

    I’m tickled by the humour – the extended toe on the first Wood Duck is comedy gold, delighted as always by your superb photographs, and grateful to also learn a new word, ‘hoofers’. The perfect post, thank you.

    I must say, I’m rather taken by the mask of the Masked Lapwing: as if a character from the famous Verdi opera about to take a bow for an appreciative audience.

    Have a great week!


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  5. What fabulous shots you’ve brought us, Cindy! I didn’t realize birdies were such graceful dancers, though I guess I should have, seeing as how ours do a lot of tightrope walking along utility lines without toppling over!

  6. Ah… yes. I remember taking some photos of ibis, heron, and white egrets in Florida.
    I watched a clown ballet when last week a falcon was playing with its catch before actually settling down and eating his lunch!

    And Wild Turkeys! They are also good at clowning around. πŸ˜€

  7. Wow, what stunning birds Cindy, especially the first one, the Australian Wood Duck. The area around its chest and then the colour-blocking on the rest of the body and thin white stripes – Gorgeous! πŸ™‚

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