Flying By~

This Red Shouldered Hawk has been sparring in Holler skies recently with the Red Tailed Hawks.

“California Sister” butterflies are understandably at home in The Holler.

“Firecracker Skimmer” dragonflies float lazily by.

Passion flowers are passionately,


Pickerelweed flowers,

reach for the sky. (Thank you Eliza Waters for identifying this plant!)

Bottle brush thrive while spiders spin.

Cheers to you from all who seek the sky~

210 thoughts on “Flying By~

  1. We have a lot of Cooper Hawks flying our skies. When they take a break on a light or utility pole, that’s when you notice their size. The bee checking out the pickerelweed flowers reminded me of the poor bee that got caught in a spider web this morning. The spider moved fast to check out its latest catch. Such is nature.

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  2. Ah, Cindy you have capture the joy of flight. May we grow our wings together. β€œOnce you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci

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  3. The picture of the hawk flying and shot from under is cool. I imagine the hawk slowly glided. I think that can be therapeutic to watch.

    The pictures of flowers are beautiful but a couple of them that have many stems coming out (except the bottle brush) look too scary. They look like aliens from outer space πŸ™‚

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  4. I haven’t seen a bottle brush in ages. Love the butterfly. How you capture the shot is amazing as well as the bee on the flower. You must have a great lens to get the hawk. Great photos of the Holler since you can’t go traveling now.

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  5. Hi Cindy, everytime I pop in I remember how much I’ve missed your spectacular pictures. And this is the spot you call home … Paradise! Hope you’ve done okay during this odd time. I guess your fans will get to see lots of pictures from around your home for the next little while! πŸ™‚

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    • Awwww, so kind of you and so appreciated too! Yes we are home bound now and taking care of my two year old twin grandsons while their parents work virtually so life has definitely changed dramatically. Hope you stay safe & well and thank you for your very kind thoughts დ


  6. Such lovely photos. πŸ™‚
    I wanted to let you know that I might not be blogging here on for a while. I can’t figure out this new editor. For the time being, I’ll post on Tumblr and Dreamwidth.


  7. This is a beautiful collection of images, Cindy: I always enjoy seeing your environmental shots. AND ALSO ,Thank You SO MUCH for subscribing to my New Blog, THE SMOKEPHOTOGRAPHIST! I am very Happy you are the First Subscriber to my blog, and I really appreciate your support. It is not so easy to get subscribers for my “abstract blogs”, but I always know there are a few people who I can count on, and you are at the very top of that list!


  8. Gads, what flora! It’s like you live on a different planet. Phasers set to stun….Kirk and Spock beam down to investigate all the crazy specimens but are carried off by giant Firecracker dragonflies, LOL! Those Passion flowers are wild ! Thanks for the scenic tour ! xK


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