Rude Roo~

Sticking his tongue out at you!

Actually, don’t be offended. It was at me not you.

There were joey’s too!

Like babies everywhere, they spent their time eating & sleeping.

While the parents kept vigil.

Adults are well equipped for both fight & flight.

Cheers to you from Australia’s normally quite polite roos~

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    • I am home at The Holler stuck in quarantine, but taking care of my twin baby grandsons while their parents work virtually, which is incredibly fun. These photos are all from our last time out & about in February. Cheers to you Dor & stay well my friend დ

  1. They are SO adorable (and, I’m sure, dangerous if you got close and aggravated them). The joeys are too precious! Much as I hope to go to Australia, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to πŸ™ , so thank you for these beautiful photos of their wildlife! <3

  2. Hi Cindy… yes our Aussie icon, and there’s lots of them… I play golf among them at my golf course, they don’t worry us, and we don’t worry them….

    • I know just what you mean. I was photographing flowers in our condo’s yard and I hadn’t noticed a roo quietly munching in front of me! We both went quietly about our business. დ

        • It boils down to the same thing anywhere in the world. Be quiet, don’t move, maintain space, back up, or go away, if you seem to be a problem to them. Give creatures space. The only time this didn’t work so well for me, was when rangers were throwing rocks at baboons because they were raiding campsites in Africa. I was taking photos of the whole sorry scene, when a male baboon chased me. I took photos the whole time whilst running backwards. No very good photos obviously. Still I think I should post em…. The lesson learned, stay away from people who disrespect wild creatures. You could get lumped in with them. He could have killed me in a heartbeat if he wanted to.

          • Yes.. Wow I understand, people who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones… Our golf club is nearly 100 years old, and never been an incident… except for the snakes and bullants. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

  3. What adorable creatures! Tongues… well you were a paparazzi taking pics!
    Thank you for this lovely peek into Roo world. Hope you are well!

  4. They are beautiful creatures, Cindy! The photo of their toenails is a good reminder of their ability to defend themselves when needed. The muscles on up behind those feet are pretty powerful.

    • I feel comfortable around them because like most wild creatures, they tend not to bother you if you respect their space because they are wild and powerful creatures. დ

    • I am glad you like them and thank you. I do not know them well at all. I have only been to Australia twice. Not long enough by far to know anything there well. It is a wildlife paradise to me, but I am just a visitor დ

    • So, you know I am always looking for birds, especially in Oz, the magical land of birds, but I couldn’t fail to notice, the roos. At dusk when I went out to see what I could see, the roos were there. Like these blessed beings from Oz. Just magical to me. დ

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  6. I recently watched a documentary series on the geological and biological history of the Australian continent. The segment on kangaroos was fascinating. The evolutionary adaptation that changed their ambulation to hopping also resulted in ankles which cannot rotate and legs which cannot move independently.

    • Australia is quite a continent if you love wild critters. What I noticed, hanging around with them, is that they are shy, polite, kept their distance. But if they didn’t like something that came around, they can jump immediately, like nobody’s business, from a resting position, over huge fences and obstacles. They are remarkable, and nice, if you let them be, which it seems, Australians are good at doing. Good on the Aussies დ

  7. I’m glad you got a pic of their feet, as I was curious – interesting adaptation and those nails look quite effective!
    As with most babies, the joeys are sweet-looking.

    • Yes, those are some serious feet! Babies need to teach classes so adults of all species can try and remember how to be kind, beautiful and sweet. დ

  8. I have never seen the feet of a kangaroo before. They are fascinating. You are right the design is for both flight and fight ( a bit reversing from yours above πŸ™‚ )

    • I was thinking of you Jennie, I have childrens songs repeating in my head from caring for the grandbaby twins. They have learned the last word in each stanza and sing along. “Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow….” Over and over in my head, and theirs too, I suspect !! πŸ˜‰

  9. Cheers back Cindy and yes those claws and I can imagine a fast hit πŸ₯Ίβ˜ΊοΈ enjoy yourself days and the wee ones so fun β˜ΊοΈπŸ€— hugs from Alberta ~ smiles and joy Hedy

  10. What I most appreciate about this post is the idea of family, which is so important in these days of solitude. Comforting to know that we are supporting and encouraging each other. Hugs!

  11. I’ve never seen a kangaroo in real life. But your pictures make me believe how adorable and beautiful they are! 😍

  12. Hi Cindy, this is Halim. Just to let you know, I have a second blog now and am writing from there (the idea is to have one dedicated to design and drawing stuff, and cats haha. I’ll see how it goes.)

    I think kangaroos are so fascinating. I’ve seen pictures and videos where they can throw big punches and I think kicks too and it’s both fascinating and terrifying to watch. Especially since they have quite the poker face. It’s quite unnerving haha

    • Happy to hear about your new blog. I will check it out and look forward to following. Thank you for telling me. Kangaroos definitely can be lethal, but they rarely are, unless seriously threatened and unable to escape. I never felt the slightest bit threatened by them, but I never disrespected them or their space. Often they would munch away, while I clicked away, at a safe distance დ

  13. I’m thinking Cindy that you wouldn’t to end up on the wrong end of those claws backed up by powerful back legs. Especially on an irritated mom saying ‘leave my baby alone.’ As always, great photos backed up by fun commentary. Thanks. –Curt

  14. Cindy you are a dare devil, first off you are near one of those beautiful beasts but that have some sort of martial arts in them, ever saw them fight? Kangaroos….. great photos as always, have a great weekend.

  15. These are a joy to see, you know I don’t recall seeing many photos of these animals and I have been looking at photos for awhile now, very nice indeed. And as always, well captured.

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