Rude Roo~

Sticking his tongue out at you!

Actually, don’t be offended. It was at me not you.

There were joey’s too!

Like babies everywhere, they spent their time eating & sleeping.

While the parents kept vigil.

Adults are well equipped for both fight & flight.

Cheers to you from Australia’s normally quite polite roos~

205 thoughts on “Rude Roo~

    • I am home at The Holler stuck in quarantine, but taking care of my twin baby grandsons while their parents work virtually, which is incredibly fun. These photos are all from our last time out & about in February. Cheers to you Dor & stay well my friend დ

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  1. They are SO adorable (and, I’m sure, dangerous if you got close and aggravated them). The joeys are too precious! Much as I hope to go to Australia, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to 😦 , so thank you for these beautiful photos of their wildlife! ❀

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        • It boils down to the same thing anywhere in the world. Be quiet, don’t move, maintain space, back up, or go away, if you seem to be a problem to them. Give creatures space. The only time this didn’t work so well for me, was when rangers were throwing rocks at baboons because they were raiding campsites in Africa. I was taking photos of the whole sorry scene, when a male baboon chased me. I took photos the whole time whilst running backwards. No very good photos obviously. Still I think I should post em…. The lesson learned, stay away from people who disrespect wild creatures. You could get lumped in with them. He could have killed me in a heartbeat if he wanted to.

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          • Yes.. Wow I understand, people who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones… Our golf club is nearly 100 years old, and never been an incident… except for the snakes and bullants. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰


    • I am glad you like them and thank you. I do not know them well at all. I have only been to Australia twice. Not long enough by far to know anything there well. It is a wildlife paradise to me, but I am just a visitor დ

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    • So, you know I am always looking for birds, especially in Oz, the magical land of birds, but I couldn’t fail to notice, the roos. At dusk when I went out to see what I could see, the roos were there. Like these blessed beings from Oz. Just magical to me. დ


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  3. I recently watched a documentary series on the geological and biological history of the Australian continent. The segment on kangaroos was fascinating. The evolutionary adaptation that changed their ambulation to hopping also resulted in ankles which cannot rotate and legs which cannot move independently.

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    • Australia is quite a continent if you love wild critters. What I noticed, hanging around with them, is that they are shy, polite, kept their distance. But if they didn’t like something that came around, they can jump immediately, like nobody’s business, from a resting position, over huge fences and obstacles. They are remarkable, and nice, if you let them be, which it seems, Australians are good at doing. Good on the Aussies დ

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