Hunca Munca & Brothers~

I was watering The Holler flowers,

daydreaming, not paying attention,

when out of the corner of my eye, I spied,

baby Hunca Munca and her three little brothers,

desperately climbing and clinging to the fountain grass.

I had inadvertently flooded their nest!

Needless to say, I gave watering a rest.

Cheers to you from all the living creatures at The Holler~

Note: For more about Hunca Munca see, “The Classic Tale of Two Bad Mice,” by Beatrix Potter.

191 thoughts on “Hunca Munca & Brothers~

  1. What a great capture and fancy you flooding their home. Finding little critters in unexpected places always makes for a great photo opportunity πŸ™‚

    …..and do you always carry a camera when watering your garden, or is this your phone camera?

    1. They were there climbing and I didn’t notice them at first. It’s a very large flower pot. I ran and got my camera which thankfully was not far away, and they were still engaged in their airborne trapeze act. I have never seen anything like it. They all seemed fine, but wet, and when they pot drained, they scurried back down დ

  2. Oh, no, I hope Hunca Munca and his brothers were able to salvage their home after the flood! Your flower photos are splendid–quite in-your-face, which I like. No need for false modesty there!

    1. Flowers are not modest or weak things are they Liz. I like them in my face too. Remember Tennessee Williams, “The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks….” Cheers to you my friend დ

  3. How sweet that the Hunca Munca family chooses to live among the beauty of your flower garden. And I must tell you it comes as no surprise that you are a lover of life in all its forms.

    1. Awwww, I was just looking at photos of Elsie on your blog. Your love comes shining through Dor and it is beautiful to see. Lucky Elsie to find such a loving home დ

    1. It has been cooler at The Holler so far this summer, but I know the 100F days are coming! Night time drip irrigation saves my plants and keeps the endangered Western Toads alive too დ

  4. I’m so happy you saw the mice in time to stop the flooding. I loved Beatrix Potter and I loved the movie about her. Not sure how true to life the movie was but I love stories about strong single women. πŸ˜‰ The flowers are so cheerful.

  5. Poor Hunca Munca and team. So glad you noticed them before it was too late. As a Brit, I am very shocked of course to see an edition of the book that doesn’t use Beatrix Potter’s own illustrations. That’s pretty much sacrilege!

  6. Beautiful flowers but I have to add (as always) that those are freaky mices, between the mice and the other post of birds…… youΒ΄re making my bed time hours even shorter, whatever happened with that mise from Disney, he seemed a cool little creature, I guess IΒ΄m suggesting for you go to Disney and maybe even see me there in Disney World and what is that name? What a freaky name now that I think about it. This was a weird comment.
    Always a pleasure to see your art.

      1. Well……. IΒ΄m pretty good with small kids until 3 hours go by, after that 3 hours I start thinking either how to kill myself or the kids. ( I still canΒ΄t figure out how one of my friend has 3 kids and is not depressed. Although he does call him His Little Taliban, guess what! I met the freaky kid and he just punched me on my… you know, no wonder the father calles him Little Taliban, that is a monster)
        Ofcourse I will hug the mouse and thank you for correcting me on my grammar, although I could also hug a Cinderella?

  7. niasunset

    Beatrix Potter was amazing writer. I always remember her life film too. But dear Cindy how amazing you captured them… so lovely, so lovely. Thank you, Love, nia

  8. So sweet little ones – and wonderful flowers, Cindy. I love little forest mice, but don’t want them in my house. They don’t come here though. ..Instead I have the most adorable hedgehogs – and I laughed when you had watered the little ones, because yesterday I watered the roses, and found one of the hedgehogs under them. He quickly came out of his hiding and wandered away, while I heartily apologized for the shower he got!

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  10. You have beautiful flowers and a cute mice family. How sweet that you care for all the Holler’s creatures. I haven’t read the book, but from the comments, I bet I would enjoy it. Children are so full of life, joy, and spontaneity. 😍

  11. Oh dear. Not a fan of mice, even though I know they’re God’s creatures too. Love your gorgeous flowers, though, and I’m glad the mice have a friend in you!

  12. It has been years since I thought about Two Bad Mice by Beatrix Potter and the story behind it! Thank you, my dear friend for your most amazing posts.

  13. Beautiful flowers! And what adorable little mice! That first photo of the mouse peering through the grasses is amazing! I hope you can find a balance of watering your flowers, but not flooding out the mice!

    1. So happy you enjoyed & thank you! The baby mice have now left the flower pot nest so all is in balance at The Holler! Cheers to you Kathy & stay safe my friend დ

    1. It did seem like they must have practiced lots of safety drills for catastrophes like this. The mother mouse probably shouted, “Incoming,” and off they rushed climbing the rush! πŸ˜‰

    1. They were adorable and what amazed me was they looked exactly like the incredibly accurate illustrations done by the artist Charles Santore on the classic series collection of Potter’s books, which was why I included the cover shot. His art is what they looked like. Remarkable. დ

  14. Wildlife and watering don’t always mix. While setting a sprinkler on my garden once the water was initially too high and got a bit in a birdhouse. I turned it down immediately and was careful ever after to be sure it wasn’t aimed where any water would get inside, but that one little bit made the parent birds so mad I got dive bombed by swallows every time I went outside for the whole rest of that summer. At least your little mice can’t retaliate!

    1. Oh that made me smile! I know corvids (crows, ravens, etc.,) remember people who do bad things to them for many years. I guess we can now add swallows to the list! Birds are amazing. დ

  15. These photos are just fabulous, the vibrant colours just beautiful those mice look so cute even though I’d freak if they were suddenly in the lounge, much better in their natural habitat!

  16. I love your reflections using some wonderful pictures. The stories to tell are in themselves so refreshing and unique. Love the simplicity yet extreme elegance. So glad to have come here. Peace and greetings from Sui generis πŸ’›

      1. I’m so glad to have touched you. I really just am playing my part in making others smile. I hope I have made you too.
        Sending you peace and eternal love.
        Take care.

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