Dancing Duet~

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney Australia are an urban bird paradise.

I found this pair of magpie larks singing and dancing happily in the park.

The name magpie lark is a misnomer as these handsome birds are neither magpies nor larks, but are members of the giant monarch flycatcher family.

Magpie larks are musical prodigies who sing co-ordinated duets together, timed by the metronomic movements of their synchronized dancing. See: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20160803-the-strange-reason-magpie-larks-dance-when-nobody-is-looking

Cheers to you from the magical birdies of Oz~

231 thoughts on “Dancing Duet~

  1. Yay! I can comment on your blog!

    Obviously I am having WP issues with comments.

    However, no issues with these beauties and this wonderful post. What a feast of photography Australia is! Thank you, Cindy!

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    • I am worried the Australians are going to get tired of me hijacking their country with my photos. Sorry guys, your country is a minute by minute photographic feast! If it weren’t for my family, I would probably still be there! დ

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      • Definitely not worried Cindy…but just imagine being stuck here because of the virus, 6 months at least while this thing is going on πŸ˜€
        Would you like me to give a call to customs, I’m sure I could convince them you’ve stolen all our birds and they must bring you back for questioning…and then you can’t go back because of the virus, when they realise you’ve only taken their pictures lol πŸ˜‚ 🀣

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        • Oh my gosh, they are so adaptive, which means clever and survivable. They migrate everywhere they shouldn’t go, to the high desert near to us, to the mountains with the snow near us. I mean they are claiming prime southern california real estate without paying a penny! And they are staying. Why not. Free rent. People here think they are awesome and exotic and feed them (my family and me too). They fly in. Stay. Own it. Never pay a penny. I should be so smart! πŸ˜‰ დ

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          • Haha be careful, those geese will take over everything! I guess that’s a sign of some level of intelligence, though. But, one thing I know for certain is that they have no idea how to navigate traffic. No matter what side of the road they’re on when you approach them, they always run straight in front of your car…sort of like squirrels, but larger.


            • My son explained the squirrel thing to me. He said over the process of evolution, bolting fast, even towards a large predator when it is also moving fast, can distract the predator and increase the odds of the squirrel escaping. It may have been a good strategy for the eons of evolution for squirrels, that and bolting into holes. Cars, evolutionarily speaking, they are super newbies on the block, so maybe we need to give the squirrels more time…..


    • Laughing….I think this dancing and singing involved an adolescent trying to cage food from a tired parent, hence the fed up expression. They still did sing and dance though. And thank you, you stay safe too დ


  2. Lol -They are both looking a little bit excentric. Seems the right one is the leader of the duo. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing another wonderful birds with me, Cindy. Unbelievable how intelligent and famous birds are all over the world. Be well and stay save. Michael

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  3. Cindy, these birds are beautiful indeed and you did a fine job on capturing the Black and White colors with perfection! It is hard for me to get the details of the blacks without blowing the whites with such a photo but you nailed it beautifully.

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  5. Beautiful birds! We don’t often see a black-in-white combo in nature, I think. I can think only of the zebra, panda, the lovely dalmatian. I’m sure there are actually quite a few, but it’s still striking to me. Cheers to you, Cindy!

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