Holler Hiking~

and picnicking,

are perfect during a pandemic.

No one here but us turkeys.

Well there are lots and lots of coyotes skulking about….

and cacti blooming everywhere.

The pasture below The Holler is happy due to all the rain,

and this is our peaceful morning view.

Cheers to you, from all of us, hunkered down at The Holler, with hopes you are staying safe and well~

197 thoughts on “Holler Hiking~

    • Yes, we have multiple packs of coyotes at The Holler, more than anywhere I have ever been. And yes, they sometimes come too close. The one photographed here keeps jumping our fence and I see him at odd times which worries me because we have 20 month old twin grandsons. He is a loner, not part of a pack, and he is always around. I catch him via wild life cam, seconds after I leave an area at all times of the day.

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  1. It looks really green. I love wild turkeys. Coyotes seem to skulk about everywhere. There’s been sightings of a mountain lion in the bosque over the past several weeks. I about got T-boned by a coyote running for its life last year. It was probably running from the cougar.

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    • Wow! I would love to see a mountain lion from a safe distance. All I ever see are tracks and kills. I have talked to orchard workers who describe what you experienced, being basically run over by a coyote pack either in pursuit of, or escape from, something. It would be terrifying. Can you set up a wild life cam to capture the lion?

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      • The other day there was I group of people gathered by the gate to the bridge that crosses the ditches and allows access into the bosque. They warned me that one of them had just seen the mountain lion. I asked where, and I hurried off in search of it. I didn’t find it or tracks, either. When I came back they acted like I was crazy. I explained that it probably not attack me unless I really threatened it. I keep looking for Bobcats also. It’s amazing how these large animals can stay so well hidden.

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  2. Great picture of the coyote. When we lived in the country that was one critter I never got a picture of. We did see the effects of their presence – they took down a deer on our pond in the wintertime. Mother Nature! My hubby hauled it off to the “back 40” with his John Deere…

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    • Deer don’t venture here. The packs would mow them down in no time. My son and I did see some deer tracks a few days ago though, the first in many years, but my guess is they moved quickly through. დ


  3. You’ve given me a peaceful respite from a hectic day. We are traveling to Nashville but we’re stuck in a very long line of traffic due to road repair, we think. At any rate, your post is the first thing I looked at, and the tranquility was just what I needed!! Rusha

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  4. Such a gorgeous place you live in! We have had a momma turkey leading her 4 poults by our house. It’s such a delight to see them get bigger and bigger each day. I love coyotes. They are misunderstood and maligned survivors. The only sounds I don’t mind being awakened by in the middle of the night are coyote howls (sadly, we don’t have wolves here) and owl calls. πŸ™‚

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  5. Although I’m color blind, I see that wonderful landscape as a paradise. Well, maybe some overflowing gaps are missing, but in return, there is silence to listen to the music of your words.

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  6. I am so happy to hear you have rain. We have had more than expected this month and I’m delighted. We all need rain. How fun to see wild turkeys and even the coyote. I don’t hike except up the hill when I can and the scenery isn’t as lovely so thanks for sharing.

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  7. This is a switch! The Holler is green, and New Hampshire is brown. We’re desperate for rain. We had a brief shower a little while ago, but not nearly enough. Your mountain vistas are so beautiful! I can never get enough of them. As soon as I caught sight of that coyote, the following Shakespeare quote popped into my head: “Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look.”

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    • Cracking up….You wise woman you! I know don’t what to respond to first…. It is a first, NH brown (my parents lived in Dover) and Holler green. Even I don’t get it, but hey, I’m taking it… So now, thanks entirely to you, our involuntary pet coyote has a name, Cassius. He does have that dissatisfied glare that made Caesar nervous….

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    • Green, green, green, is good exponentially. But here at The Holler, unlike BC, it is semi-desert, after horrid drought of years duration, it feels like a mirage on the horizon that is actually real. I love seeing the plants and animals revive and rejoice. Love to you Alison დ

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    • Thank you Audrey, and yes it is! Especially here. And now we are having cloudy day after day. Heaven for The Holler! My Sweet Peas are still blooming strong, the heat hasn’t hit them yet, which is remarkable. Stay safe my friend დ

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