215 thoughts on “Masters of Camouflage~

    • Birds are usually watching us before we see them! It never ceases both amaze me and crack me up. Every time I spot a raptor, he’s already looking at me. If you are really still, birds become curious, and start craning their necks staring back at you. I love this so much. It makes me smile. Who is watching whom? დ


  1. Have seem many pix of colorful birds in the parrot family, but these are special.  The sheen on the lorikeets’ heads in the last 2 leads me to think their green may be from nanostructures rather than pigments.  Glorious photos!

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    • I am touched by your sensitivity. Parrots in so many ways; intelligence, behavior, social bonds, and beauty, are creatures I am happy just to be able to see. Thank you very much and be well my friend დ

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      • Thanks.  While many kinds of bird are smart and some are about as smart as parrots, there are none known to me with the parrots’ combination of brains and beauty.  Not many photographers capture their personalities as consistently as U do.

        Two books about birds that I think U would enjoy: *The Genius of Birds* by Jennifer Ackerman and *The Penguin Lessons* by Tom Michell.  Ackerman’s readable science-based survey covers a lot of ground (and many birds in addition to parrots and corvids); much of it was new to me.  Michell rescued and adopted an oil-soaked penguin, who proved to be a good influence on him and on the students in the school where he taught.  His book has many funny or touching incidents.


    • I hadn’t seen them either. I don’t think people in Oz get how gobsmacked people like me are with their birds and wildlife. They don’t know what it is like to only interact with parrot species in captivity at home, or from a distance in other countries. Wild parrots are everywhere in Oz, and frequently interact, which is why I love the place. And when you go off alone, parrot seeking, kangaroos are puzzled, and equally curious, when you stop, freeze, watch, and never move at the sight of them. Like the parrots, the kangaroos seem to be curious, why is this human so transfixed with me? Reminds me of being in Africa, and being told crocodiles are “common,” and gazelles are “not worth stopping for.” I come from Southern California. I am stopping for all of these amazing creatures, on both of these amazing continents.

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