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Holler Hiking~

and picnicking,

are perfect during a pandemic.

No one here but us turkeys.

Well there are lots and lots of coyotes skulking about….

and cacti blooming everywhere.

The pasture below The Holler is happy due to all the rain,

and this is our peaceful morning view.

Cheers to you, from all of us, hunkered down at The Holler, with hopes you are staying safe and well~

What Precisely is a Turkey?

I never thought of turkeys as beautiful. But they are. Aren’t they?
Sort of……
Wild turkeys are a Native American bird.
Benjamin Franklin wanted them to be our national bird, but apparently he was out voted, or something……It probably offended Thomas Jefferson’s sensibilities.
Can you envision a turkey as our national bird?
Franklin was definitely an interesting bird himself.
Anyhoo, I got into a discussion with my son who is in a grad program in wildlife biology about why wild turkeys have bald heads and necks like vultures.
It turns out this is a very complicated matter, basically an issue of morphology (appearance), DNA, and convergent evolution.
You’ll have to google it.
If your interested in turkeys, that is.
Turkeys are in a unique class of Native American bird, similar to the Muschovy duck.
Who knew?
Next time someone says to you, “don’t be a turkey,” ask him or her, “What precisely is a turkey?”
Their answer is certain to be wrong.
And you can feel smug.
Poor underestimated turkeys.
They get a bad rap.
And I am very sorry to say this, but they are fine eating too.
Especially with cranberry sauce….
Here is a wiki link for all of you who are now fascinated by wild turkeys and want to research them in great depth. For the very small few who are not fascinated, well….. just ignore it.
Cheers from all the turkeys at The Holler!