Summers End~

Late summer blooms,

invite afternoon strolls,

in Riding Mountain National Park.

Flutters follow,

your fragrant footsteps.

Flowers rejoice,

in September sun.

We are home now but it is still, cheers to you from Riding Mountain National Park~

244 thoughts on “Summers End~

  1. They may be late summer blooms, but they have to be the most beautiful! The colors are so wild and vibrant they are almost intoxicating… and what the photos have done for sure is made us look up Riding Mountain National Park, so we can be sure to visit it. Thank you for introducing the park to us!

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  2. Ah, you still have shades of color, where we have shades of gold-to-brown. I did see a Monarch in our garden yesterday, but it should be heading your way soon on the back end of a low with southerly breezes. We got two garden beds cleaned up yesterday (and I found about a ten pumpkins playing hide-and-seek in a field of goldenrod) and will get them under a blanket of mulch before winter. – Oscar


    • I think I would love your place Oscar. You are a smart person and you are right, the Monarchs are coming here in their annual migration and should arrive in early November. I see them at The Holler, but not enmass, because I have never timed it right to go where they are. This time I am determined to be there, and time it right. They are floating, thousand mile flying, marvels of God!
      Be well my friend.

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      • I have sent he colonies wintering over in Santa Cruz and Pacific Grove areas in the past. Those host thousands at a time, whereas our garden as a few scattered here and there. I keep spreading milkweed seeds every year, giving them more habitats (shhhhh, don’t tell my neighbors where all their milkweed it coming from… they just think its nature sowing the seeds).


  3. It’s nice to get away, but it’s nice to get back home, right, Cindy? Lovely photos here — rather sad that we’ll be seeing snow before too much longer though!


    • Yes, it is good to be home, but this exact week, this year, is the week we wait for fires. This is the hottest it gets here before winter comes. I would love some of your snow, and you might love some of my sun. This is the way it always is with us humans.

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    • I hear cold weather has come to the east coast. We just left Death Valley where the temps were mid 70’s to return to The Holler where it is actually hotter. 81F today which is very odd for November 7. Stay warm.


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