Holler Hummers Battle The Centurion~

Each hummer wants this plant all to themself.

Between sips of nectar, they are constantly battling for dominion.

The plant is a blooming Century Plant or Agave Americana, that is the largest I have ever seen, big enough to feed hundreds of hummers. It is well over thirty feet tall and as wide as a telephone pole

Century Plants produce many offspring in their lives and we have lots of them at The Holler. You may notice the plant looks like a giant asparagus stalk. This is because it is related to the asparagus family. The Centurion stands guard by our front gate.

Other birdy pollinators, like orioles, love the nectar too, but they are far more civilized about sharing. The most they do is chatter endlessly at each other.

Bees are attracted en-mass to the centurion which blooms only once in a lifetime, and many 1000’s of bees are busily gathering pollen in the huge masses of flowers.

Century plants are not accurately named. They each live 10-30 years. Soon the entire plant will die, and the hummers will find something else to fight over.

Cheers to you from our giant pollen creator and the beautiful bickering pollinators~

244 thoughts on “Holler Hummers Battle The Centurion~

  1. Learned something new again today. I knew hummers were very territorial but did not know about the tree. I used to have lots of feeders in my back yard and still they would fight over the nectar. Silly birds. Great photos, as always.

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    • Yes. You get it. But I am always so struck, the silly birds can fly away from us and be perfectly fine. Since I was a little kid, I didn’t get why they were so favored to be able to do this. I wish I could.

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  3. Thank you so much. What a fabulous ‘nature story.’ The photography is outstanding, the humming birds adorable, despite their warring ways, and what a striking, unusual tree! x…


  4. That’s a seriously cool tree, to just have hanging around in the backyard. And to have a gang of hummers doing their aerial acrobatics amongst the blooms is just icing on the cake.


  5. This is fabulous, Cindy! Wonderful post. Your shots are wonderful–so crisp and clear. I didn’t know the hummers were “aggressive” about their source of nectar. Interesting.


  6. Our resident and migrating birds are already loading up for winter…. hmmm, mid-August? Seems a bit early, but many of our sunflowers went to seed two weeks ago. Nature must know something that the weather channel does not. – Oscar


  7. Knowing how quickly hummers zip around, Cindy I’m astounded at your skill as a photographer. Both the clarity and the compositions are amazing. I enjoyed learning about the centurion plants too. Hugs on the wing.


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