Cheers From Manitoba~

We are in Clear Lake Manitoba staying in a remote cabin.

There are wide open tracts of nature here with nary a person in sight.

We are heading further north soon, to Hudson Bay, to hopefully spend time with belugas and bears, and any other critters we may meet..

I gathered these late summer wild flowers in the meadow behind our cabin, eating wild raspberries as I browsed. We are enjoying the flowers as you can see on the cabin’s screened porch, watching deer in the meadow.

There is no wifi in our cabin, and wifi will be even harder to find as we head further north, so I am out of touch. I will check in when I can, but until then, it is cheers to you & be well from beautiful Manitoba~

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  1. Gorgeous scenery and such a beautiful bouquet of flowers to adorn your space even more. 🙂 Enjoy the nature, wildlife and take care, stay safe.

  2. Flowers are fantastic, Cuz. Have you been doing any fishing??? Clear Lake reminds me my great uncle Rollie. He used to take me fishing at Clear Lake in Minnesota. Your pics remind me a lot about that area. Have a wonderful trip, Cindy. 🎣💚🎣

    1. We stopped over in Minnesota enroute. Once you hit Minnesota you are in this special place, where the north American plains start to meld into to the arctic transition. You were lucky to have been here as a kid, and there is a just as lucky thing, it hasn’t changed up in here in Manitoba, since you went fishing with Uncle Rollie.
      Love to you cuz.

    1. Thank you very much! I can’t believe I am receiving wifi. It goes in and out, but it has been mostly in for the last 24 hour so I am able to talk with you. Cheers to you & be well <3

    1. Wonderful to hear from you Mandy. The wildflowers here are the most amazing I have seen. They are literally everywhere in such spendid variety. Hope you are well my friend and thanks for stopping by <3

  3. That’s a gorgeous bouquet, Cindy! This post makes Manitoba look wonderful. (I hope the mosquitoes and black flies aren’t too bad). The photo of the reeds reminds me of canoeing on some lakes in Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan 30 years ago. Similar country, I think — boreal forest on the Canadian Shield. Wishing you happy travels in the North!

    1. Yes, similar country indeed and so unique and special. The best thing of all is much of it is still pristine after 30 years. So glad you have experienced the splendor <3

    1. “You’ll come back and be able to hear yourself think.” Oh no. That sounds terrifying!! 🙂
      Actually it is wonderful….depending on what I am thinking!

  4. To be fair you’re probably the only people in Manitoba at any given moment. I’ve lived in villages that are more populous. It looks pretty though, but get out before winter sets in, eh? 😉

    1. So great to hear from you! We pulled over on the side of a gravel road. The highways are gravel roads here and a farmer drove his tractor over to us to ask if we needed help. The people are few and far between, but they are very nice and help each other out. Quite refreshing. We hike the lakes all day and never see another soul. I hope all is well with you Duncan and thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. My my my. Absolutely breathtaking! God’s Creation is simply glorious. I loved when you said “There are wide open tracts of nature here with nary a person in sight.” That sounds delightful! 😉 Have a beautiful, blessed & safe trip!

  6. Looks like my hometown. I call those “ditch bouquets” because the variety and beauty can be gathered just by wandering down the road.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your wandering. Safe travels!

    1. Perfect name! I gathered these in about 5 minutes and it is late August. I went back out and gathered just violets. There are so many berries too. I don’t eat the ones I can’t identify, but the raspberries are divine and we gulp them by the handful!

  7. Thanks for your pictorial greetings from northern Manitoba! Sometimes it is a great blessing to be without access to the Internet. Enjoy the blogging break, Cindy!

    1. The absence of people and crowds is wonderful also. It is lovely to have all these huge lakes basically to yourself, and the bears of course! Thank you for your kind words Peter.

  8. You even manage to capture the peacefulness of that heavenly place on camera. Wildflowers are the best and it’s nice they have a vase in the cabin for you to use. I could stay somewhere that quiet for a very long time. Watch out for those bears though. 😉 They have big appetites. 😉

    1. It was a surprise to see so many monarchs and other butterflies here, and dragonflies that are twice the size of the ones back home. Take good care Susan & cheers to you~

  9. As always, enjoying your well composed and taken photographs, especially the last two with the contrast in backgrounds. Better get to the par bears, soon, a person named Al Gore has me to believe they will all be dead any day soon. By the way, you picked a great time of year to visit. The great savings in rentals available six months from now wouldn’t be worth it.

    1. You and Resa both from here! Such synchronicity. I have such affinity and affection for both of you, and yet I come from such a totally different environment. I can see why we understand each other so well. It is just pure nature here, with such minimal human footprint. It is wide open, space upon space, lake upon lake, meadow after meadow, all so crystal clean, quiet and pristine. It is now 7:56 pm. The sun is shining and I am in my PJ’s on the screened porch watching the meadow which is utterly still except for some distant coyotes crying. The tracks and scat out here have every sort of animal. I saw my first bear today and the satelite is blessing me with wifi so I can talk to you about your home! Life is beautiful and they grow good people in Manitoba Rebecca, people like you <3

  10. Welcome to Canada! Hope you enjoy your stay! I hear you can see polar bears in Northern Manitoba. Not sure if you will see them in the summer. Please share your photos with us of whatever you capture!

    1. Thank you! I love your gorgeous country which is why I keep coming back to it. I am so hoping to see some polar bears. They are there but not bunched up on the ice like they will be in September and October, waiting for the freeze up. Apparently they walk around in sleeping hibernation at this time of year, rather a waking stupor, which I think must feel lovely. The belugas will be there though, about 60,000 of them, the largest concentration in the world, and you can get in the water with them which my son will do. I will kayak with them. They like to play with humans. Just being in this isolated part of the world will be a thrill I have wanted to experience for a long time. I hope you are well my friend and it is lovely to be welcomed to your country.

  11. Wonderful photos, as always! You probably won’t see this until you return, but know that our love and prayers go with you as you head north! What an adventure!

    1. I am typing this on our screened porch overlooking the meadow. It is almost 8pm and the sun is shining and it is lovely outside, still and peaceful and perfect, like the forest gets before the sun goes down. The satelite is working because the sun is out and Dios Quiere, so I am reading and talking to you from the cabin, in the meadow, in the forest, in Manitoba. Life is beautiful and amazing. Love to you and your family Peter. My prayers are with you all too <3

      1. Are you driving up to Hudson Bay? Looks like a long haul. A distant part of our family live inWinnipeg and I always wanted to visit there. One grandpa figure made it to London while I was in college there, and we met in a bar on Waterloo Station for a beer one afternoon; must have been in the early 60s!,

  12. WELOME! To the province of my birth, and upbringing! Say hi to the Black Flies and Mosquitoes for me.
    TIP: Don’t smell nice…. they bite less!

    1. Uh oh…. No more estee lauder splash! Quelle Horror!! So far the bugs have been behaving and I only have a few bites. But soon we head to Hudson Bay where I know the biting bugs are legion. It can’t be as bad as The Amazon though right????? In the Amazon I knew if I spent one night in the jungle stranded I would be dead by morning, from a combination of bug bites and terror…. laughing…..I love the province of your birth and upbringing Resa. It is unique and incredibly beautiful, like you. I am typing this now on our screened porch looking at the oh so gorgeous meadow, wondering why the moose whose scat I see every morning, won’t show his face. The sun is shining so the satelite actually works & I have wifi!! Plus I saw a bear today on the trail. So all is awesome <3

      1. You rock,Cindy!
        I’m assuming you are headed to Churchill.
        When I was 17, I had a boyfriend from Churchill. Interesting person. 😀 HAVE FUN!!!

        1. I want to know all about your boyfriend from Churchill. If he is still there, I will look him up for you. Seriously. You and Rebecca are both from Manitoba. The world feels very small tonight <3

              1. Probably more Polar Bears than humans. Why do I know you will love it?
                Because { the farther outer reaches reach, the furthermore you’ll reach it}
                To be said as fast as possible at least 4 times in a row!

  13. Coucou mon Amie CINDY

    Et bien si nous dessinions un rêve
    Il faudrait qu’il soit beau bien entendu
    Il faudrait qu’il soit doux, cela va de soi
    Il faudrait qu’il donne envie, ce serait l’essentiel
    Il faudrait que ses couleurs soient merveilleuses, c’est évident

    Si, cette réalité, nous la faisions belle et douce
    Pleine d’envie et remplie de couleurs merveilleuses
    Si nous la copions sur nos rêves
    Alors nous ressemblerions à des gens heureux
    C’est avec ce petit écris que je viens
    Te souhaiter une belle semaine de douceur et que le soleil soit au rendez-vous dans ta demeure

    1. Love to you Sharon and all you do ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้

    1. Oh my God! We did the same thing and we are going back to a cabin in the mountains in Quebec next year. It is one of our favorite places. It is peaceful. There are gorgeous cabins in stunning settings and so much wildlife, wolverines and wolves and bears, and when the leaves change, just wonderful. I know exactly why you loved it there.

  14. What beautiful meadow flowers and such an idyllic setting to be aware from everything and connect with nature.. I can see from your further postings just how you ticked all of those boxes in seeing the bears and belugas, Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy your travels and we will most certainly enjoy seeing your photography skills..
    Take care and thank you, I so enjoyed my visit today Cindy.. <3

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