Holler Hummers Battle The Centurion~

Each hummer wants this plant all to themself.

Between sips of nectar, they are constantly battling for dominion.

The plant is a blooming Century Plant or Agave Americana, that is the largest I have ever seen, big enough to feed hundreds of hummers. It is well over thirty feet tall and as wide as a telephone pole

Century Plants produce many offspring in their lives and we have lots of them at The Holler. You may notice the plant looks like a giant asparagus stalk. This is because it is related to the asparagus family. The Centurion stands guard by our front gate.

Other birdy pollinators, like orioles, love the nectar too, but they are far more civilized about sharing. The most they do is chatter endlessly at each other.

Bees are attracted en-mass to the centurion which blooms only once in a lifetime, and many 1000’s of bees are busily gathering pollen in the huge masses of flowers.

Century plants are not accurately named. They each live 10-30 years. Soon the entire plant will die, and the hummers will find something else to fight over.

Cheers to you from our giant pollen creator and the beautiful bickering pollinators~

244 thoughts on “Holler Hummers Battle The Centurion~

    • Oh yes there are pups. We planted around 10 or so originally, and then replanted many of the pups. It has been over eleven years now at The Holler and we have hundreds. The only bummer is the base has a diameter of around 10 feet, and lethal barbs. This is the first one to die. Removal will not be pretty.


    • There are always a few highly aggressive hummers. We have large populations. Once the population becomes large enough, the aggression abates. But The Centurion is a new bloomer and hence the battle continues for who will dominate. It is a draw at this point between four birds.

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    • That’s puzzling. If you have a feeder up, and disinfect it regularly to avoid bacterial/viral contamination, which I know you do, because I know what you do, the answer might be, that so many people in the Americas have fallen in love with the previously endangered hummers, and are feeding them. This backyard feeding actually brought their numbers up from dismal to way better. So they might be distracted. You might want to increase your sugar ratio to bit greater than one in four, and dye your feeder red, just for a few days, so they can learn that your feeder is where they belong ❤

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  1. As always, Cindy, a treat. Back in my Sacramento days, my yard was filled with lavender and with hummingbirds. Funny but, the same neighbors who complained about my lavender wall, complained they only saw hummingbirds when they came by my house… ❤

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  2. I have never seen or even heard of a tree like that before. Fascinating and wonderful how it takes care of so many little critters. I also didn’t realize how “mean” those little hummers could be! We have a couple feeders out back but I haven’t seen them fighting! You’ve taken such beautiful photos! Have a fabulous weekend!

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