Holler Hummer Portrait Day~

It was a big day at The Holler!

The hummers wanted their portraits taken.

First, there was lots of primping,

and fluffing.

A hummer’s feathers need to look their very best,

for such an auspicious occasion.

After their photo shoot, they got back to their favorite activity,


Cheers to you from The Holler Hummers~

232 thoughts on “Holler Hummer Portrait Day~

  1. The closeness is fab. They are as big as pigeons , in my imagination, yet I know they are smaller than my thumb. What a sweet, beautiful little creature this is. Thanks for the pics, Cindy!

    1. They are the most fun, wonderful additions to any home garden. They really are part of our family. We eat outside often and they land on the table looking for their food! 😉

  2. Cindy, these photos are amazing, and gorgeous. They’re National Geographic quality. Photographing a hummingbird is nearly impossible. You did it!

  3. Up close and personal! Thanks for this shoot. Going on two years of me getting blanked by the hummers in my backyard! Haha. Too fast v too slow. 🙂

  4. I’m in awe over how clear these photos are, Cindy! Either your hummers are very cooperative or you’ve got the patience of Job (and a super long lens on your camera!) Beautiful birdies!

    1. I’ve met the NG photographers. While I am photographing salmon eating grizzlies from a safe distance on dry land, they are scuba diving in the river to get the bears expressions from the fishies viewpoint!

    1. They are the sweetest creatures ever, even when they attempt to obliterate each other, which they do all the time. No one is perfect after all. Today a peregrine swooped down, so fast all I saw were her red under feathers. It made contact with a hummer because I could hear the sound. I think I saw the hummer fly away, but I can’t be sure, because these two creatures are the fastest things on wings.

        1. I am not sure one way or the other. Peregrines move so fast and they are predators. I heard and saw the hummingbird take the hit, the peregrine moved so fast, but he seemed surprised by my presence. I was inside photographing out so he hadn’t calculated for me. I think the hummer got away.

  5. I love your photos Cindy, especially these ones of the humming birds preening, so often we only see them feasting on the nectar from flowers and seeding the pollen. I don’t want to know how you got them, because that would take away the magic contained. Thank you very much for sharing them.

  6. Awesome! The clearness of these little creatures on your pictures is unbelievable!
    It is strange, when I try to see your post on my phone and leaving comments WordPress making me anonymous. Lol…

        1. Don’t laugh. A bald eagle was blown off course and ended up in the UK. They flew it back across the pond. I hope they gave him a window seat. He might have actually been impressed with humans for once 😉

  7. So beautiful as usual, Cindy! I’m doing some volunteer hours at a 50 or older artists gallery here in Austin & I had a little group gathered round marveling at the colors & details! 💕

  8. How did I miss this delightful post from the summer of 2019! These hummingbirds are spectacular yet miniature at the same time. What an amazing planet we live on…

    1. Yes indeed we live in the most beautiful world. And hummingbirds are one of the best examples of this. I love them even though they can be ornery, kinda like me on bad days…..

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