Holler Hummer Portrait Day~

It was a big day at The Holler!

The hummers wanted their portraits taken.

First, there was lots of primping,

and fluffing.

A hummer’s feathers need to look their very best,

for such an auspicious occasion.

After their photo shoot, they got back to their favorite activity,


Cheers to you from The Holler Hummers~

232 thoughts on “Holler Hummer Portrait Day~

  1. The closeness is fab. They are as big as pigeons , in my imagination, yet I know they are smaller than my thumb. What a sweet, beautiful little creature this is. Thanks for the pics, Cindy!

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  2. I’m in awe over how clear these photos are, Cindy! Either your hummers are very cooperative or you’ve got the patience of Job (and a super long lens on your camera!) Beautiful birdies!

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    • I’ve met the NG photographers. While I am photographing salmon eating grizzlies from a safe distance on dry land, they are scuba diving in the river to get the bears expressions from the fishies viewpoint!

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