Water, Water Everywhere~

And not a drop to drink. I can relate to The Ancient Mariner.

The Holler flooded with nice cold drinking water while we were away visiting the baby grand-twins. A faulty refrigerator filter was the culprit. There are 84 industrial fans and scores of dehumidifiers running our electrical bill through the roof. We do, thankfully, have insurance.

The damage is legion,

causing me to dream at night of waves,

and sea creatures.

When the dream waves became violent,

and the creatures creepy,

I knew it was time for a change of scenery. (We are thankful for family members willing to stay and monitor The Holler).

So now we are in the desert, where the temperatures are hovering around 105F which is cool for summer in the desert and thunderstorms are in the forecast. I love the desert in the summer, and in all the years I have been coming here, I have never seen a summer desert thunderstorm. The clouds are forming and I can’t wait! So, bring on the water….

Cheers to you from the soon to be sodden desert~

272 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere~

  1. Oh dear! All the best wishes for the repair works! But, well, I was “only” fresh water after all: Reminds me of the shock I got when I once opened my office doors in the morning to find half of the floor covered with – raw sewage. Those are not memories I am very fond of … But that’s history now, as your misfortune soon will be, too.

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    • Exactly! Our toilets didn’t overflow.
      I don’t want to even imagine what that was like. So sorry you had to experience it.
      And you are right, if I over reacted to this, I wouldn’t be able to handle all the truly tough stuff in life.

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  2. So sorry to hear you had to come home to this Cindy and it sounds as if you’re in good hands with all the help you’re getting. Here’s wishing the Holler and you a swift recovery and enjoy your time in the desert 🤗💖🍀

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  3. Oh Lord! I can only imagine! Water damage can be just as bad as fire; ironically. I hope it didn’t wick up into the home’s framing. And thank Goodness it is Summer. You said you go to the desert vs. where your house was flooded out? Hopefully where the water damage is that it is not humid. We now live in the middle of a delta; humid Summers. But we are moving to Arizona next year; dry – but Summer is their monsoon season; when it rains…it pours.

    Well…it looks like you did all the things to take care of the flooding, but I feel bad you went through that; unexpected and shocking.

    Thanks for still finding time to let us see the trial; and the beauty of nature, too – though there are awful hardship.

    Blessing and peace to you…Glad you’re in a good place.

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    • What thoughtful and touching comments Ian, very comforting too. Thank you. The water did wick up the walls so the lower walls and insulation are all removed, cabinetry is gone in many rooms. The tile flooring which is extensive is okay, but all the carpet is of course shot. The drying process has been going on for a week now, 5% remains stubborn. Our concrete slab foundation did not help matters. Blessings and peace back to you Ian and thank you for your sensitivity.

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  4. Those floods are not fun. We’ve had two. One when the furnace fuse blew in the middle of a very cold winter and the pipes froze. We were away at the time. The other time the water heater went. It was less of a problem. We survived but it wasn’t easy.

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  5. Water running into the house is a horrifying sight. We’ve only had it happen a few times, but it is such a feeling of helplessness when you have water in the house where it doesn’t belong. I hope it dries out really soon.

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