Water, Water Everywhere~

And not a drop to drink. I can relate to The Ancient Mariner.

The Holler flooded with nice cold drinking water while we were away visiting the baby grand-twins. A faulty refrigerator filter was the culprit. There are 84 industrial fans and scores of dehumidifiers running our electrical bill through the roof. We do, thankfully, have insurance.

The damage is legion,

causing me to dream at night of waves,

and sea creatures.

When the dream waves became violent,

and the creatures creepy,

I knew it was time for a change of scenery. (We are thankful for family members willing to stay and monitor The Holler).

So now we are in the desert, where the temperatures are hovering around 105F which is cool for summer in the desert and thunderstorms are in the forecast. I love the desert in the summer, and in all the years I have been coming here, I have never seen a summer desert thunderstorm. The clouds are forming and I can’t wait! So, bring on the water….

Cheers to you from the soon to be sodden desert~

272 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere~

  1. Ouch, that hurts. I hope the memories are safe. Someone’s bathtub overflowed once and ruined all my photo albums. I can’t imagine an actual flood.
    Here’s to better days!
    – Jen

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  2. Uch about the damage the faulty filter caused. We have a water filter in our fridge. It makes me nervous as our fridge ages. However, I won’t buy water in plastic bottles, and I do like the cold water and ice cubes.
    Perhaps I’ll switch to another system. I don’t like Brita because I throw too, many filters in the trash. It’s almost as bad as plastic bottles. I used to take my filters in, and they would refurbish them. That place is gone. I’m keeping all the filters until I can find another place.

    The crazy thing is, if we hadn’t made such a polluted mess of our planet, we wouldn’t need to filter our water and then throw filters away.

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    • “The crazy thing is, if we hadn’t made such a polluted mess of our planet, we wouldn’t need to filter our water and then throw filters away.”
      You are Canadian, I always thought your water was clean, like your country, you know an example for Americans about how to protect North America.
      In San Diego and environs, our water comes through aqueducts through all of California, before it gets to us, over the aqueduct, out of LA. San Diego has such bad water that the state government sends us annual reports clarifying it is super safe to drink. Since it tastes so awful, they need to assure us, that it isn’t killing us to drink it. And since it is a scarce commodity in SoCal, they charge us a lot to drink it. Hence, the need for water filters…..
      It is a conundrum, isn’t it, no plastic water bottles, no refrigerator filters, no ability to drink clean water, even in Toronto.
      We humans have done such a good job on this planet, haven’t we…

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  3. Oh, dear. A friend of mine had a similar thing happen and her insurance asked all kinds of questions. “When did you have your refrigerator last serviced?” “Have you had any problems before this?” “How old is your refrigerator?” It turned out that since it was 12 years old, 2 years past when they thought it should have been replaced, they didn’t cover the damages, even though this was the first issue they had ever had. I hope yours has a happier ending.

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  4. Oh my, Cindy, what a drag!! We went to Mexico for three weeks four years ago and the hot water line in our newly constructed master broke causing a hot underwater lake under the house. Steam rose from the vents. My daughter lived with us at the time but didn’t know. We have PG&E for heat so both that and the water bill were quite high! Luckily the contractor fixed everything free. What a mess for you, but sounds like you are enjoying the desert thunderstorms. Take care!

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  5. YIKES!! This is when courage is tested. You have used your frustration to build a wonderful visual story. I love this post. Even in the most difficult circumstances, your enthusiasm for life shines through. Hugs!

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  6. Egads, what a mess! All because of one refrigerator? I hope your house gets back to normal soon.

    I lived for two decades in Reno where summer thunderstorms are common in that high desert region. Many of the storms were extremely violent and caused us to seek shelter indoors. Sometimes we would get electrical storms without rain that were quite unnerving, but the ones with strong winds and heavy precipitation were most scary.

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  7. Gosh, Cindy, what a nightmare for you and your family! I’m so sorry for the damages – they look truly ominous. Hopefully, things will get back to normal before too long.
    Thankfully, you have the desert.Try to enjoy. Take marvelous pictures.
    Thinking of you.
    BTW, how are the twin grandbabies?

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    • I have never seen a storm in the desert in the summer. It dropped the temp from 106F to a balmy 89F. The rain moved in sheets on the really high mountains. We watched it fascinated. I took photos, but I don’t know how they will turn out. The desert in the summer is subtle, still, quiet, pastels. The storm turned it grey. I watched two palm trees that were about twenty feet apart in the same area for a good while. One was being whipped about like in a hurricane. The other barely moved. I have no idea why.

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  8. I’m so sorry this happened to you. What a mess! I have a friend who just experienced this. And we experienced a bit of it a few years ago although without a lot of damage. That is the reason we purchased our new refrigerator without water or ice dispensers in the door. Our children think we are very old-fashioned, but I’d rather avoid a future problem.

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  9. That would give me tidal wave nightmares too. I was worried about my hot water heater buried behind my closet. I’d never know it was leaking until my son found a monitor to hook up to it that would let me know before the floor was saturated. I don’t have one on the fridge line though. Chewing fingernails now.;/ Scary. And so you go to the desert and bring water there too. 😉 You have the touch. Come here for a visit. We can use the rain. 😉

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    • Laughing….It is important to put monitors on everything, except of course ourselves. God forbid if anyone monitored me! I am now thinking about our water bill…..Insurance says they will cover our electrical excesses. They think the electrical company will send out a monitor to find out why we have suddenly used enough electricity to supply a small city. But the water!!! Oh, no! I didn’t ask to have the water overage covered! And the water district monitor will probably come! In California they take water overuse very seriously. In our case the monitor will probably come out and imprison Jim. I will explain it was his fault, not mine. I wouldn’t do well in jail.

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  10. Wow. I never imagined that a refrigerator filter could malfunction and cause flooding! Glad that your insurance will cover the damage but too bad that you have to deal with it at all. And the humor in your blog shows you are handling it well! Good luck getting everything back to normal quickly!

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  11. So sorry to hear your news, Cindy. I hope that everything gets sorted out smoothly. Meanwhile, funny to read your mention of thunderstorms. I am typing this at 04:49 in the morning, being kept awake by an almighty summer storm of thunder, lightening and huge downfalls. But it’s all good – I love dramatic weather! X

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    • I am so sorry you had to go through this. It is disorienting isn’t it. So much ruined and everything packed up on an emergency basis so there is no access to your things. I have no access to my calendar which is one of the most difficult things. I have no idea what commitments I am missing. Once again very sorry you went through this. I can’t even imagine the trauma of finding your house full of ice.

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  12. Cindy, I’m so sorry your beautiful Holler got flooded, but I’m glad it’s being mended. And how fortuitous, having a place to escape to AND having friends to supervise the repairs. Hang in there, my friend!

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  13. Oh no! What a terrible, terrible mess. We’ve known people with similar damage. That water is pervasive, quickly followed by mold. I’m sorry. I’m happy to hear you have help and insurance, but oh what a drag.

    I love that dolphin photo! Sending light and love your way.

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  14. What a shock that must have been (to come home to), Cindy.

    Thank goodness you have insurance, but insurance in no way would have replaced your photos if you’d lost those. Hopefully your home will be back to normal very soon.

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  15. Well shucks. Not a very welcoming homecoming for you all. I’m gad you’re getting things dried and sorted out. Bless your hearts. I hope the repairs will go swiftly.
    Your ocean photos are breathtaking.

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  16. Wow sorry to read of your water damage, Cindy. I’m glad to read that you are insured, and hopefully things will be back to as before soon. On the upside, even in that state I can see you have a lovely and spacious kitchen, haha! I like the design of your window shutters as well, with the hinges at the top. The seascapes are gorgeous! Cheers!

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  17. Wow, what a mess, Cindy! So glad ya’ll have insurance, but still! And from a filter no less! Like your interspersed oceans images! Thought for a minute you’d landed in Galveston 🙂 Hope ya’ll recover soon; gonna go to your desert post now, looks tempting 😊

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  18. I’ve have problems with flooding in a flat before, someone two floors above was having a new shower room fitted and the plumber hadn’t turned off the water, they flooded out the three flats shower rooms below before he realised.

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  19. Cindy, unfortunately, I can relate to this one all too well. My electric bill sent shock waves through me.

    I’m glad you had some time with those twins. That must have been delightful as I can feel the beam from your smile over here… xx

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  20. It must have been extra stressing not being able to be straight at the place of chaos.

    Hopefully now after some days of drying it shows the damage was not too bad.

    Concerning the clean drinkable water we should all be aware that this is going to be a serious problem in the near future. It is high time we do something against the global warming, waste and pollution.

    Love and enjoy your beautiful surroundings and thank you very much for sharing those lovely places and creatures of nature with the rest of the world.


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    • So wonderful to hear from you! The rebuilding process is pretty laborious and time consuming, but it could always be worse. Hope everything is going well with you & thank you for stopping by & saying hi!


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