The flower is
the stem’s cry of beauty
to the universe.
-Vassilis Comporozos

Thimbleberry flower, Washington State.

These pink and red poppies

were also found bursting in bloom in Washington state.

We can’t grow peonies at The Holler, but I buy them in season,

to display in bouquets.

Holler white rose.

Holler sweet peas.

We had loads of blooms this year due to the wonderful rain.

Rhododendron Washington State.

Cheers to you from summer’s smiling flowers~

250 thoughts on “Floribunda~

  1. Oh Cindy! That thimbleberry was fresh and new to me!
    And my husbands grandmother used to grow peonies and I half liked them! Pretty blooms but a weird look to their shrub!
    Your blooms here were so pretty

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  2. Beautiful flowers. My peonies don’t last long and they get so covered with the ants that are necessary for them to open. I rarely have enough pretty flowers to bring inside. You have some gorgeous flowers there.

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  3. What a glorious array of colour. I love Peonies. They are such a gorgeous array of lushiouness (if there is such a word). Rich, beautiful perfume and a larger than ordinary roses makes them well worth growing. Rhododendrons are not far behind them as a wonderful flower to grow.

    Looks like all the rain you had was a real boost to your garden 🙂

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  4. My grandmother planted peonies at our house when I was a child. They were always in perfect bloom for Memorial Day, when we would visit the graves of our relatives. Lovely pictures. Thanks.

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    • The quakes have not us affected us, yet. Thank you for caring cuz. There have been quite a cluster though, hundreds and hundreds of small quakes. Another sizeable one is expected. It is just a question on when, in Cali, of course, regarding a really big San Andreas quake, but risk is calculated in geologic time, so 1000 years isn’t even a whisper. Still there is a lot of activity and it makes you check your earthquake supplies. Hugs back to you & hope you are well ❤

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  5. I adore white flowers, so the Thimbleberry flower and the Holler white Rose are the most beautiful to me, though all of them are gorgeous. Wonderful photos, Cindy, as ever 🙂

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  6. I am a harsh critic of flower photos because most that I see are simply not good. The outer two-thirds from the pistil are typically soft, blurry and fuzzy. The outer petals have no detail or clarity. A flower is a beautiful thing to see in all of its colorful glory, but most photographers are not able to capture the essence of that beauty. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the focal distance, or possibly the wrong lens. Whatever the reason, a decent image is difficult to capture.

    Having said all that, may I say that these photos were a pleasure to view.

    Cindy, can you share any tips on how you captured these photos? Focal distance? Macro lens? Depth of field? Or maybe just plain skill?

    Anyway, I wasn’t going to bother clicking on this post because flower pics usually disappoint me, but your talent and skill have been consistently showcased on this blog so I wasn’t surprised by the images posted.

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    • Your comment are so kind and thoughtful, they left momentarily speechless. Thank you very much for taking time to share such encouraging thoughts with me, and they do encourage me. You make me happy I posted.
      For outside flowers (and wild animals and birds), I always use my Sony HX400. The 400 has a variable zoom lens that can reach up 1200mm equivalent with no tripod necessary. The outdoor flowers you see here were taken at the maximum zoom possible to maintain focus. The indoor photos were taken with my Sony RX10 M4. I use flash and a black background to bring out the depth of color. I always crop photos and adjust contrast to bring the flowers glory forward.
      I do agree with you, flowers are such perfect things, all we need to do as photographers is not let our photos get in the way of their beauty.
      Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and it is lovely to meet you.

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