The flower is
the stem’s cry of beauty
to the universe.
-Vassilis Comporozos

Thimbleberry flower, Washington State.

These pink and red poppies

were also found bursting in bloom in Washington state.

We can’t grow peonies at The Holler, but I buy them in season,

to display in bouquets.

Holler white rose.

Holler sweet peas.

We had loads of blooms this year due to the wonderful rain.

Rhododendron Washington State.

Cheers to you from summer’s smiling flowers~

250 thoughts on “Floribunda~

  1. Thanks to your photos, I can smell the fragrance of these beautiful flowers. How I love them all. Here in NE the peonies were amazing this year. When I lived in the SF Bay area, I adored the poppies. Sometimes the beauty of roses just makes me cry joyfully.

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  3. Hi Cuz,
    The Flowers and the pics are gorgeous. I’m assuming that all are growing in your back yard. Are you anywhere near where all the quake activity is taking place??? Concerned !

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  4. Your article on the flowers in your area is certainly beautiful and very welcome from another flower lover. I am a seed/bulb/cutting collector and I try to especially find anything from flowers that I can plant and encourage to grow. Years ago I dug up some violets from a lot where an old mobile home was to be moved. I took them with me when I moved to another nearby city, and planted them in my yard. I cannot believe how quickly they spread, and they grow huge even in soil I thought was not that great. I love all flowers, and it is such a joy to grow them and watch them come to bloom. In this world of everyday worries and concerns, it is such a refreshing break to remember the beauty and peace that flowers bring into our lives. Thank you most kindly.

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    • Oh, I so love your comments! ”
      In this world of everyday worries and concerns, it is such a refreshing break to remember the beauty and peace that flowers bring into our lives.”
      Yes indeed! Flowers speak to us of timeless hope and lift our spirits accordingly. I can well imagine your joy seeing the orchards grow and flourish. Where we live there are 60+ year old almond trees, tangerine trees, roses and camellias, in addition to the old orchards. I often wonder about who planted and cared for these other trees. Obviously someone who maintained the orchards and wanted even more growing trees around. What a wonderful gift this person left us ❤

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  5. Summer flowers! Good that you have rain this time of year in your Holler (Washington State usually has rain, from what I recall when I lived there). We have the East Coast thunderstorms with 1, 2, 3 inches at a time. Lovely to get under the metal roof of the porch just before the clouds open up, then sit with our ice coffee while the storm passes. – Oscar

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  6. Cindy, I can almost smell them from here. If you find yourself in Washington in April, check out the Tulip Festival at La Conner. There is field after field of tulips with Mount Rainer in the background. It is stunning. When visiting a cousin who lives in Everett, she took me to the festival and the photos I got were amazing so I know yours would be even better. For a preview, I found this link. https://youtu.be/PsNXjUWTTVI Bisous mon amie. ❤

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  7. I also love peonies! Those are gorgeous and that white rose is lovely. Those reminded me of my fathers funeral by now. Specially that Rose would be very beautiful on the coffer. Flowers are with us in joy and in sadness!

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  8. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine and commented:
    What a wonderful way to end July with fabulous images from Cindy Knoke, The flowers are stunning and the sweet peas and peonies are probably my favourites.. Anyway your segway into August and if you head over to Cindy you can read about their water disaster while they were away… and enjoy more pictures of the Holler.. but be warned.. once you are in Cindy’s archives you will be there for a while… #recommended

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