Chilean Buteo~

Who’s fixed his fine eyes on you?

A Chilean buteo, thats who!

Buteo is a general term that includes all gliding raptors. This guy came to call and stayed with me for a spell, in Valparaiso Chile.

I think, but am not sure, that he is a Swainson Hawk.

He might also be a Rufous Tailed Hawk, which is a rarer, southern version, of the North American Red Tailed Hawk. The rufous is a threatened species.

If anyone can help with identification, I would be most grateful and will post the clarification.

All I know is that he is a gorgeous buteo from Chile who hung out with me much closer and longer than Holler hawks ever do!

Cheers to you from Chile’s friendly hawks~

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  2. OM Gosh Cindy, these photos are just so beautiful! Sorry I can’t help you with the ID, but if he’s a Red Tail Hawk he looks a bit different than those in Michigan, my home state. In any case, a beautiful bird! 😎🙏🏻

    1. The rufous is the South American counterpart of our North American red tail. It is a threatened species. I am leaning towards Swainson in the ID, but am still not at all sure. Thanks for your input and glad you live in the company of hawks.

  3. I’m not a hawk expert, Cindy, but my guess would be a Cooper’s hawk because of the dark brown top of the head and the narrow tip of white on the end of the tail feathers. The breast feathers don’t seem right for a Swainson’s. The closest other one would be the sharp-shinned, but the white tip of the tail precludes that. So, being only able to see the back and side of the bird, that would be my guess. Great shots of this bird. How nice of him to stand still for you.

  4. Very beautiful! Not sure about the ID. I reblog your photos often when I can, but sometimes for technical reasons that I don’t understand I’m not able to. You take such very amazing photos!

  5. He is gorgeous. I am putting some birds of prey in my current WIP that takes place in Malta. Do you think they would live in Malta as well?

    1. Google ‘types of hawks in Malta’ and you can see your local hawks, and compare and contrast to find your identification. Let me know what you discover.

  6. What an amazing encounter! The body and face shape of this buteo reminds me very much of a red-tailed hawk; in fact, I’d say that this bird most strikes me as a darker version of a red-tailed hawk. So, I’m leaning towards rufous-tailed hawk, although I’m not an expert on this matter at all.

  7. Thank you for posting the pictures of the Chilean Buteo, they resemble the hawks I came into contact at a very early age, we were scared of them, the way they dove down and took our cute chicken still makes me afraid. 🙂

  8. What a beauty! I admire your ability to catch these critters at the right time, in all their displayed splendor. This one looks as if he wished he had a camera, too, and could snap photos of YOU, ha!

    1. So intense and gorgeous!

      I have been watching a red-tailed hawk here in Colorado gliding around the valley being harrassed by ravens. I wonder about that scenario and why it happens, day after day…

  9. Wow!! Amazing photos.

    And about the green parrots and locating them. It’s so hard!! And they usually only stay out a few moments if that. But try 10th and Olive ( Coronado) early morning. They like the tree on the corner there 😉 I think people have better luck in Point Loma out towards the end. There’s supposed to be a huge flock. I really hope you find some because I know your photos will be amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much! My husband used to live in Pt Loma and had parrots in his trees, so I know they are there, but I have only heard and never seen them. 10th and Olive it is. Maybe I will spend the night and go out to eat on the island and get there early. What fun! Thanks again! I so appreciate it.

          1. Hi Cindy,
            I just wanted to let you know I was at Point Loma today over in the area by the NTC park ( behind HTH and that whole restaurant area) and saw the parrots fly around a lot. Around 6 pm

            1. Oh wonderful! I so appreciate you keeping informed about your sightings. I am heading off to visit the orcas now, but plan to do parrot scouting when I return, so your information is very helpful. Thank you Susanne & cheers to you <3

    1. Awesome!!! They are a threatened species and rare to find. Thank you so much. If you are certain with the ID, I will change it in the post and cite you.

  10. I can’t imagine any beautiful bird that wouldn’t want to hang out for a ton of time with you.
    If only they could see the images of themselves!
    Takes my breath away, Cindy.

  11. Talk about an intense gaze! A startling and beautiful bird, Cindy. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your travels and some new discoveries. 🙂 🙂

  12. Bonjour toi, mon Amie belle CINDY

    Il est
    Libre de penser, de rire et d’aimer
    De profiter de chaque secondes de bonheur

    De savoir vivre
    De paix, de joie et savoir décider
    Sans aucune crainte et sans peur

    IL faut
    Savoir dire non, oser ou choisir
    De construire, d’entreprendre , de bâtir

    Il suffit de si peu de chose
    Un peu de courage si j’ose
    La vie n’est pas toujours facile

    Mais il suffit de redresser la tête
    Alors profite bien des tiens et je te souhaite une agréable semaine
    Bisous , Amitié Bernard

  13. He really is truly gorgeous! I am truly enjoying my backyard birds.When I do take off on a drive I believe to be the Red-Tailed Hawk. One large one on the lines, then a couple more that have staked out their domain. 🙂 Jen

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