Chilean Buteo~

Who’s fixed his fine eyes on you?

A Chilean buteo, thats who!

Buteo is a general term that includes all gliding raptors. This guy came to call and stayed with me for a spell, in Valparaiso Chile.

I think, but am not sure, that he is a Swainson Hawk.

He might also be a Rufous Tailed Hawk, which is a rarer, southern version, of the North American Red Tailed Hawk. The rufous is a threatened species.

If anyone can help with identification, I would be most grateful and will post the clarification.

All I know is that he is a gorgeous buteo from Chile who hung out with me much closer and longer than Holler hawks ever do!

Cheers to you from Chile’s friendly hawks~

176 thoughts on “Chilean Buteo~

  1. Wow!! Amazing photos.

    And about the green parrots and locating them. It’s so hard!! And they usually only stay out a few moments if that. But try 10th and Olive ( Coronado) early morning. They like the tree on the corner there 😉 I think people have better luck in Point Loma out towards the end. There’s supposed to be a huge flock. I really hope you find some because I know your photos will be amazing!!

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  2. Bonjour toi, mon Amie belle CINDY

    Il est
    Libre de penser, de rire et d’aimer
    De profiter de chaque secondes de bonheur

    De savoir vivre
    De paix, de joie et savoir décider
    Sans aucune crainte et sans peur

    IL faut
    Savoir dire non, oser ou choisir
    De construire, d’entreprendre , de bâtir

    Il suffit de si peu de chose
    Un peu de courage si j’ose
    La vie n’est pas toujours facile

    Mais il suffit de redresser la tête
    Alors profite bien des tiens et je te souhaite une agréable semaine
    Bisous , Amitié Bernard

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