Serenity in La Serena~

El Parque Jardin del Corazon (Garden of the Heart) is the largest Japanese garden in South America.

It is located in La Serena Chile.

La Serena is Chile’s second oldest city, know for its historic neocolonial architecture.

The garden was built in 1994 as a cooperative effort by businesses in Japan and Chile to celebrate La Serena’s 450th anniversary.

It is full of lagoons, waterfalls, and native Japanese flora and fauna.

This is a Spot Flanked Gallinule, native to distinct areas of Chile and South America, making himself quite at home in the lush Japanese gardens!

Note: There are Golden Carp swimming in the gardens, but I photographed the Koi in San Diego and added them, feeling they fit in nicely with the landscape ambience.

Cheers to you from Chile’s Garden of the Heart~

185 thoughts on “Serenity in La Serena~

  1. Oh this is so lovely! We went to that garden when we were in La Serena (a few years back now) and you’ve done a much better job of reporting about it than I did.

  2. heavenliner

    beautiful photos… i hope to personally experience and be at awe on such a beautiful site…

  3. A beautiful and relaxing garden. Love the greenish tone of the place. Crystal clear water and the colorful fish can keep you watching them moving around! Oh, that is another exotic bird. Strange looking but very cute.

  4. Truly lovely Cindy, we have a Japanese garden not far away from us. It is hidden in the city of Mississauga. The plants and architecture is Japanese and it’s so lovely in its arrangement. It is peaceful there.

  5. Gorgeous garden, Cindy. My daughter and I love going to Japanese gardens but this one feels lighter and brighter than most. Interesting duck species. Beautiful. You must be having loads of fun seeing all those wonderful places.

    1. Japanese gardens have this unique Zen like peace. We did have a wonderful time and are home now, planting veggies and waiting for the sweet peas to bloom. Happy Sunday to you sweet Marlene <3

  6. The first photograph would go on my wall and I would NEVER tire of looking at it…it’s that gorgeous. Koi are truly magnificent and you certainly captured their beauty. I love the bird…so much. <3 Thank you.

  7. How I love a Japanese garden, Cindy! I can feel my heart rate slowing as I look at these lovely photos — and the cares of the world simply float away.

  8. I would not expect such lush, green garden and lakes in that region, from what we saw a bit north in Peru, along the coast. We much get a little further south to Chile, on of these days. – Oscar

  9. I could live there! Gorgeous shots, Cindy. ❦❦
    Meanwhile, back on Canadian TV, they reported that a new study states that 1 million species of flora and fauna are becoming close to endangered.

    1. I read this too. Nothing I can say is there? Despite the grief and love of so many good people all over the world for this planet and all her creatures, too many of those who profit and could make a change will not, and hence we all will be endangered, because after all, we are just another animal species on this planet, albeit the most destructive species of all time. It is just depressing.

  10. I was without Internet for the problems of Venezuela with the failed coup d’etat. I could not miss these wonderful photos of the Serena Chile. And what a coincidence, next month I move to Santiago de Chile. Here life has been complicated by inflation and lack of products. The electricity goes continuously and the water is very rationed. the quality of life has been diminished. There is no choice but to leave.

    1. How difficult this must be. I am sorry. I know you know better than I, that Santiago is a beautiful city, with easy access to the amazing Andes and the gorgeous sea. I hope you are happy there.

      1. I know, I know! I shouldn’t try to pet them, but, I know myself – I won’t contol the urge well! Attempts were futile in Costa Rica. you know. If the offer still stands, I shall reach out for location suggestions when the time comes.

          1. Ha ha! You truly see it, don’t you… I suppose the pre-promise includes the babies. I reckon they could take a finger. Agreed! Thank you, Cindy!

  11. The Spot Flanked Gallinule picture is special. Either he is sporting quite an outfit,. or she is trying out the latest lipstick. . . Some sights you’ve seen!

  12. Bonjour ou Bonsoir Ami ,Amie CINDY
    Tu vois
    Avec beaucoup de sincérité
    Je suis mon cœur
    Il a ses pensées , ses choix et ses propres idées
    C’est alors et seulement
    Que l’on devient acteur de sa vie

    Il faut dans la vie savoir aussi
    Tendre la main à qui en a besoin
    Sans en espérer un retour
    Juste se dire que c’était bien

    Alors s’installe une belle harmonie avec soi-même

    Je te souhaite ce qu’il y a de meilleur
    Profite bien , belle journée
    Bisous , Amitié Bernard

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